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07/07/2009 03:00 AM ET
Daily Column
Getting Back in the Game at Walter Reed, "The Surge" Book
Another very light day for Iraq news. Though the death of Robert S. McNamara led to a few indirect Iraq references, and the Washington Post picked up an AP briefing of violence in Baghdad and Mosul, there really wasn’t much today, and nothing filed from Iraq. There was a piece on disabled veterans, a book review, and an opinion.

IN the Wall Street Journal, John Nagl (president of the Center for a New American Security) and Daniel Rice (partner and co-founder of The Marshall Fund), both graduates of West Point who have served in Iraq, write that America must more effectively shift its focus from combat to post-conflict operations. Though millions are being spent on reconstruction, short-term needs are what is being paid-attention to, not sustainable development.
Instead of spending billions of taxpayer dollars for short-term programs, the enterprise funds could create long-term growth and employment in Iraq while giving U.S. taxpayers a return on their investment in the form of a share of profits going back to the USAID -- while appreciably diminishing support for the insurgency.

As we withdraw from Iraq's cities we must seek to replace our bases with businesses. An... More
07/02/2009 8:44 PM ET
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Twenty Interviews and Five Conversations with "High Value Detainee # 1" in 2004

After Freedom of Information Act requests were made by the independent NGO, The National Security Archive, transcripts of 20 formal interviews and at least 5 "casual conversations" the FBI held with Saddam Hussein are made available, held after his capture by U.S. troops in December 2003. Interesting stuff.

From the intr... More

07/01/2009 12:39 PM ET
Lack of Details Given By Officials Facilitates Public Misunderstanding
As GIs Become Scarcer in Iraq's Cities, the Nation's Own Security is Out in Full Force
Photo: Daniel W. Smith
As GIs Become Scarcer in Iraq's Cities, the Nation's Own Security is Out in Full Force

BAGHDAD - As celebrations are thrown and omnipresent Iraqi security vehicles are decorated with chains of colorful plastic flowers, much the Iraqi public is being given a false impression. The government, individual politicians, and much of... More

Daily Column
Diplomats Are Casting About to Find a New Formula to Influence Politics in Iraq
Daily Column
France Hopes to Jump-Start Its Arms Sales With Iraq, A War's Young Witness
Daily Column
Iraq Moves Up Bids For Next Oil Fields
Daily Column
BP-Led Oil Consortium Faces Challenges in Iraq
Daily Column
Iraqis Celebrate US Troops' Pullback, Oil Companies Reject Iraq's Contract Terms
Kut Commander Reported to Face Charges of Forgery, Fuel Smuggling
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Border Surveillance, Checkpoints to Block "Infiltration" over Eastern Frontier
Daily Column
Shahrastani Faces an Uncertain Fate, Dozens of Iraqis Killed in Kirkuk
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On Eve of U.S. Pullback, US Forces' New Role is Still Evolving
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Doctor in Anbar Province Was Married to Provincial Council Member
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Editor Says Actions are Politically Motivated, Orchestrated by PUK
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Qadisiya Province Home to Camp Echo
Daily Column
Kurdistan Elections Heat Up, US Hands Over Control over Iraqi Cities
Daily Column
Anxiety, Pride in Iraq for Iraqis as U.S. Troops Leave Iraq's Cities

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