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Harassment, Censorship of Correspondents Accompanying Vice-PM on Official Visit
Iraqi Deputy PM Barham Salih meets Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Tehran in2006.
Iraqi Deputy PM Barham Salih meets Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Tehran in2006.

Iraqi journalists accompanying their country’s deputy prime minister on an official visit to Iran have been harassed and threatened with arrests and imprisonment by the authorities in the Islamic Republic.

Iraqi journalists traveling with Barham...

Correspondent Seymour Hersh: US Upping Efforts to Undermine Iranian Regime
Most Call for End to Iranian Support for Iraqi Militants if US, Iran Reconcile
Confrontation Branded Hostile, Dangerous Harassment by US; Iran Says Nonsense
Here's the 4'26" Video of Sunday Incident; Shot from Bridge of USS Hopper
President Argues End of Weapons Program Shouldn't Affect Approach
The Latest
Cleric a Key Figurehead for Iraqi Resistance, Critic of US Presence
Harith al-Dhari.
Harith al-Dhari.

Jordanian officials are considering the expulsion of a prominent Sunni cleric in exile on Jordanian soil. According to a report in Arabic from an Iraqi news agency, authorities in the Hashemite Kingdom are studying methods to remove Harith al-Dari, an outspoken critic of the Iraqi government and US presence in Iraq, and...

'Humanitarian' Concerns Spark Change So Iraqis Won't Get Stranded at Border
New Report Estimates Less Than Half-Million Have Fled to Jordan
Iraq's Neighbors Adopting Measures to Prevent Further Outbreak
Thousands of Flag-Waving Fans Fill Ancient Roman Amphithreatre in Jerash
Government Finalizes Plans to Allow Refugees Access to Public Schools
Saudi Arabia
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What's Meant by Key Sentence in Pentagon Announcement of Proposed Sale?
The headline came from the traveling White House yesterday, and today we get the details.

The Pentagon announcement includes this intriguing sentence:

The proposed sale will greatly improve the accuracy of unguided, general-purpose bombs in any weather condition enabling the Royal Saudi Air Force's (RSAF) F-15S aircraft to participate to a greater...
Saudi Arabia Plans 560 mile, $1.07 Billion Dollar Border With Iraq
Saudi Delegation Meets Iraqi FM, Others to Discuss Opening Embassy
State Dept Can't Hear When Faisal Describes Iraq as Foreign Occupation
Iraqi Official: 160 Saudi Suspects Tried, Hundreds More in Prison Awaiting Trial
Interior Minister Criticizes Religious Establishment's Role in Encouraging Youth
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RI: World Must Resettle Stateless Refugees from No-Man's-Lands
A delegation of international refugee advocates has returned from a visit to the notorious border camps on the Syrian-Iraqi border where 3,000 stateless Palestinian refugees are trapped, fleeing sectarian violence in Iraq, but unable to enter Syria without legal status.

Refugees International (RI), the Washington-based refugee rights group, participated in the delegation, and has released a two-page statement describing harrowing conditions in the camps and recommending measures to address the plight of the trapped Palestinian refugees:

Having fled killings, kidnappings, torture, and death threats, about 3,000 Palestinian refugees from Iraq are currently stranded in three camps along the border between Syria and Iraq. Denied asylum and refugee rights, they are extremely vulnerable in poorly situated camps. The Syrian...
Palestinians Endure Harsh Conditions in al-Tanf Camp: Eyewitness
Assessing Situation of Displaced in Syria and Lebanon, Recommendations
Some Class Sizes Reach 55 as Kids, Schools Struggle to Adapt
RI: Palestinian Refugees Remain Iraq's Most Vulnerable Displaced Population
Says 1.5 Million Iraqi Refugees in Syria, 1,200 More Arrive Each Day
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Conflict or Cooperation? Ankara and Irbil in a Complex Relationship
Below is the executive summary of the newly released International Crisis Group entitled "Turkey and Iraqi Kurds: Conflict or Cooperation?"

At a time when rising Arab-Kurdish tensions again threaten Iraq’s stability, neighbouring Turkey has begun to cast a large shadow over Iraqi Kurdistan. It has been a study in contrasts: Turkish jets periodically bomb suspected hideouts of the banned Kurdistan Workers Party (Partiya Karkerên Kurdistan, PKK) in northern Iraq, and Ankara expresses alarm at the prospect of Kurdish independence, yet at the same time has significantly deepened its ties to the Iraqi Kurdish region. Both Turkey and Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG, a term Turkey studiously avoids) would be well served by keeping ultra-nationalism at bay and continuing to invest in a relationship that, though fragile and buffeted by the many uncertainties surrounding Iraq, has proved...
Media Review Gives Incomplete Picture But Good Sense of What Is Happening
Iraqi Leaders Protest Lack of US Protection, But America Choosing Other Priority
Erdoğan's Public Comments Spark Speculation Over Government's Intent
Weekend Attack on Northern Iraq Could Be First of Targeted Series
Defector Reportedly Tells Turkish Authorities Which Country Likely Future Home
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US Troops Hoot and Holler as Iraq-Bound Cheerleaders Perform at Base in Kuwait
This video was shot yesterday at Camp Arifan, Kuwait.
Debt Forgiveness Other Topic of Discussion for Iraqi PM, David Satterfield

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