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Why is the DoD Making it Available to Insurgents,Terrorists?
Your IraqSlogger editors are stunned that the Pentagon has released to the entire world and posted on the Web the U.S. military's new 282-page counterinsurgency war-fighting manual.

This is the first post-9/11 "war on terror"-era U.S. military counterinsurgency manual - the long-awaited doctrine meant in part to help turn the tide for U.S. forces in Iraq...

Criticizes News Media's Iraq Coverage as Unfairly Negative
U.S.'s Enemies Dissect 282-Page Counterinsurgency Manual
Jihadists and their supporters are reading and mocking the Pentagon's new counterinsurgency field manual, which was released publicly and posted on several Department of Defense Web sites Friday even though it addresses such sensitive topics as intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and targeting.

One Arabic-language jihadist Web site linking to...

See it here
Classified report tells of "something" causing curious damage and minor injuries
A classified U.S. military incident report, leaked to Wikileaks, describes the incident only as “While on patrol, the tank was hit by ‘something’”.

The damage to the M-1 was sustained in an “urban street market” in Baghdad, and is documented in photos and written narrative, which includes the following....
WH Spokeswoman: It's Been Three Months Since I Faced Sustained Iraq Questions
Internet Giant's Server Relays US-Targeted English-Language Propaganda
Two Senior Senators Debate the War on Sunday's Meet the Press
Army Holds Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected Vehicle Demonstration
Photo Gallery
A demonstrator marches against the Iraq war 27 October 2007 in Los Angeles, California. Anti-war protestors gathered in 11 cities across the US to rally.
Gabriel Buoys/AFP/Getty
A demonstrator marches against the Iraq war 27 October 2007 in Los Angeles, California. Anti-war protestors gathered in 11 cities across the US to rally.
Read Full Text of Retired General's Controversial Speech Here
RAND Study Warns About Assuming Too Much About US Capabilities
Hill Police Remove Demontrators Who Refused to Keep Quiet
Former US Official Talks About Petraeus, Vietnam, Allawi, and the Future of Iraq
Tells Troops AQ in Iraq Part of Network Behind 9/11; Says "Al Qaeda" 95 Times
read it here
Joint Letter: 43 Advocacy Groups Laud President's Promises, but Hope For Action
Over 40 American-based relief and advocacy organizations have sent a joint letter to President Barack Obama urging his administration to engage Iraqi society in relief and reconstruction efforts, including community-based development schemes and support for Iraq's vulnerable refugee population. Full text of the missive, along with a list of the 43...
RI: Millions of Iraqi Displaced are "Running out of Resources"
US Commission on Religious Freedom Says Iraqi Religous Groups Under Threat
Think Tank's New Analysis of War Budgeting since 2001
Bowen Finds "Nascent Normalcy" in Iraq; Corruption a "Second Insurgency"
Front Companies Bilk Ministry for Millions of Reconstruction Dollars, Iraqis Say
Honor for Soldier Who Sacrificed Life for Others in Iraq
Memorial Service at Germany base
Mark Heeter/U.S. Army
Memorial Service at Germany base
McGinnis just days before his death in Baghdad
Ben Murray/Stars and Stripes
McGinnis just days before his death in Baghdad
The Wednesday edition of "Stars and Stripes" fronts a memorial service for two 1st Infantry Division soldiers, including Ross Andrew McGinnis, who jumped on a grenade thrown into his Humvee, saving the life of the four others in the truck. The moving story.


Newsweek Exclusive: Crane, Petreaus Produce New Doctrine
"Sometimes the more you protect yourself, the less secure you may be." -- new U.S. military counter-insurgency manual

The Pentagon has issued a 279-page guidebook to counter-insurgency warfare. Here is the story from Newsweek's Dan Ephron.

DC Buzz
Iraqi Parties in Roundtable Discussion on US Policy after Bush
Sen. Barack Obama surveys Baghdad by helicopter with Gen. David Petraeus in July 2008.
Sen. Barack Obama surveys Baghdad by helicopter with Gen. David Petraeus in July 2008.

Six Iraqi politicos and policy analysts presented their agendas for the new American president in a roundtable discussion in Washington last month. The discussion, hosted by the US Institute for Peace (USIP), included former Iraqi officials,...

Cellist/Director of Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra plays to sold-out crowd
Inspector General Says US Troops Acted Lawfully; Reuters Disputes Conclusions
Alleged Contractor Trafficking in Prostitutes, Black Market Guns; Other Abuses
Kerry Tops Bipartisan List; Watchdog Fears Conflict of Interest in Iraq Policy
Allege KBR Fleecing American Taxpayers Out of Nearly $100 Million a Year

Wounded Warrior Project