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An Iraqi Women’s Rights Group On Hillary Clinton's Headscarf in Cairo
Yanar Mohammed, president of the Organization for Women's Freedom in Iraq (out of Baghdad), writes an open letter to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in reaction to her covering her head in Cairo. Mohammed is not known to tiptoe around such issues - not many other women living in Baghdad displayed a photo of themselves burning a hijab on their...
For Future's Sake, Gov't Must Step Up Efforts for Young Refugees: Brookings
Dems Assume Endless Sectarian Conflict, Misread Iraqi Nationalism, Analyst Says
DoD Misreads Nationalist Opposition, Iranian Influence, Analyst Says
Hollywood Agent-Turned War Documentarian Profiles Young Americans in Iraq
"It Remains to be Seen if Americans Will Enjoy Victory Even if It Comes"
Hashimi's Resignation, and al-Maliki Being Behind Claims of IIP al-Qaeda Link
Osama al-Tikriti
Photo: Daniel W. Smith
Osama al-Tikriti

Iraqslogger continues its series of in-depth interviews with people of note in the Iraqi scene. In the interest of better understanding, we try to give a bit more time than is allotted for most interviews, and not limit the topic to one newsworthy event or comment.
The Iraqi Islamic Party is one of the...
Says Pesh Merga’s Presence in Ninewa "Between Baghdad and Erbil"
Defamation Suit By The Iraqi National Intelligence Agency After Funding Comments
The man of the hour, as an Iraqi court throws out penalties for trip to Isreal
Surge "Like Closing Stable Door after the Horse Had Gone": UCLA Researcher
Iraqslogger interviews a member of Iraqi Islamic Party leadership
Liberal Bloggers Making Fuss That Numbers May Not Support
Yesterday, USA Today and Gallup released the results of their latest public opinion poll.

Some leftwing bloggers, most notably Josh Marshall and Atrios, are spinning these latest numbers as proof that the president became less popular as a result of his surge speech last week.

While inarguably President Bush and the Iraq War have become extremely...

Maj Gen Robert Scales Inspires Troops, Vets in Gettysburg Memorial Day Speech
GETTYSBURG, PA: A statue of Brigadier General Gouverneur K. Warren sits atop Little Round Top at the Gettysburg battle field in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
Joe Raedle/Getty
GETTYSBURG, PA: A statue of Brigadier General Gouverneur K. Warren sits atop Little Round Top at the Gettysburg battle field in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
Mr. Kuhn, friends of Gettysburg and most importantly fellow veterans. What a great thrill it is to return to Gettysburg. I’ve come to this place hundreds of times. I’ve...
In Dem. Radio Address, Former US Ambassador Calls for Phased Iraq Withdrawal
Grand Ayatollah Fadlallah Comments on American Iraq Policy
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Visser: Basra's Lists Show Fragmentation, Sadrists Role in Local Polls
What is the Sadrist electoral strategy in Southern Iraq? In a post on his website, Reidar Visser, a fellow at the Norwegian Institute for International Affairs, takes a look at the newly released candidate lists in the southern Iraqi provinces. Full text below: The Candidate Lists Are Out: Basra More Fragmented, Sadrists Pursuing Several...
Analyst Sees New Signs of Competition over Competing Federal Projects
Oversight is Key as Iraqi Military Acquires New High-Tech Weaponry
Visser: New Admin's Scope of Action Depends on Maliki's Maneuvers; Scenarios
Electoral coalitions south of Baghdad solidifying, analyst says
Analyst: Legitimacy of Process Threatened if Millions Excluded from Vote
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More on Basra Fereralism Initiative by
Wail Abd al-Latif during a pro-federal conference:
Wail Abd al-Latif during a pro-federal conference:
This is the latest entry by on Reidar Visser, research fellow at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, who writes of politics in southern Iraq at] The site describes itself as “a direct outlet for historical research on...

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