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Getting Back in the Game at Walter Reed, "The Surge" Book
Another very light day for Iraq news. Though the death of Robert S. McNamara led to a few indirect Iraq references, and the Washington Post picked up an AP briefing of violence in Baghdad and Mosul, there really wasn’t much today, and nothing filed from Iraq. There was a piece on disabled veterans, a book review, and an opinion.

IN the Wall Street Journal, John Nagl (president of the Center for a New American Security) and Daniel Rice (partner and co-founder of The Marshall Fund), both graduates of West Point who have served in Iraq, write that America must more effectively shift its focus from combat to post-conflict operations. Though millions are being spent on reconstruction, short-term needs are what is being paid-attention to, not sustainable development.
Instead of spending billions of taxpayer dollars for short-term programs, the enterprise funds could create long-term growth and employment in Iraq while giving U.S. taxpayers a return on their investment in the form of a share of profits going back to the USAID -- while appreciably diminishing support for the insurgency.

As we withdraw from Iraq's cities we must seek to replace our bases with businesses. An...
Diplomats Are Casting About to Find a New Formula to Influence Politics in Iraq
France Hopes to Jump-Start Its Arms Sales With Iraq, A War's Young Witness
Iraq Moves Up Bids For Next Oil Fields
BP-Led Oil Consortium Faces Challenges in Iraq
Iraqis Celebrate US Troops' Pullback, Oil Companies Reject Iraq's Contract Terms
New Legislation A "Feast of Ad Hoc Ethno-religious Cake-sharing," Analyst Says
As the Iraqi Parliament passes the long-debated provincial elections law, Reidar Visser of the Norwegian Institute for International Affairs posts the following commentary on his website.

The law on the Iraqi provincial elections was passed by the Iraqi parliament on 22 July. The adopted text largely reflects earlier drafts that have been circulating...

Yon Reports "They Love Drugs, Prostitutes, and the Power of the Gun"
Wired's Shachtman Scoops: Air Force Users Lose Access to More Sites
Interactive Blog to Showcase Exclusive Reports, Multi-Media Features, Q & A
IraqSlogger's Exclusive Report Shows Sectarian Struggle Over Transport Routes
Army Audits Found 1,813 Violations on Official Websites, Only 28 on Blogs
Daily Column
Thursday Night News
By Daniel W. Smith and Yousif al-Timimi

President Obama’s goodwill address to Muslims of the world from Cairo University was an obvious big story, but it did not dominate coverage as much as one might have thought. All channels included it, played excerpts and had political analysts giving generally positive, but decidedly mixed analysis. A few examples are, “We (Arabs) should go for what Obama is offering. We are weak and in no position to argue," while another said, "Obama hasn't brought anything new to...

Tuesday Night News
Gunman Kills Soldier Outside Recruiting Arkansas Station
Thursday Night News
Wednesday Night News
Monday Night News
“We are With the Government to Help, With Our Lives and Our Sons”
BAGHDAD – On Sunday, local Mosul Radio aired pleas by Sahwa leaders, addressed to the Iraqi government. They asked for Iraq's leadership to understand that they were acting in the interest of the nation’s security. Leaders from several areas of northern Iraq “implored the government not to disassemble the Sahwa in the hot are...
Parties Allege German Intel Spied for US Bombers; Berlin Opposed War
NPR Baghdad Correspondent Describes Fox-NPR Pact, Talks of Her Traumatic Stress
Controversial Social Issues, Western Music Raises Clerics' Eyebrows
Wiercinski Gives Account of Morning After Tal Afar Massacre
Hashemi: "They're Just Part of the Iraqi Communities"
Political Cartoons
Snags Top Prize in 2007 Intl Editorial Cartoon Competition With This Piece
Iraqi artist Mohammed al-Adwani's award-winning cartoon showing an Iraqi newspaper carrier surrounded by bodyguards.
Iraqi artist Mohammed al-Adwani's award-winning cartoon showing an Iraqi newspaper carrier surrounded by bodyguards.
Iraqi cartoonist Mohammed al-Adwani was awarded the top prize in the 2007 International Editorial Cartoon Competition yesterday.

Al-Adwani's take: 1,500 Canadian dollars and worldwide acclaim for his "Shooting the Messenger"-themed...

Broadcast Shown Thursday on State Satellite Channel, IRINN
George Bush a Popular Subject of Cartoons on Iran's State-Run TV
Broadcast Shown Wednesday on State Satellite Channel, IRINN
What Is Making Sloggers Chuckle (Slightly)
What Sloggers Are Watching
Launch Nears, Salute, Malkin, RSS, Bugs, Links (Not), Dinars
We're almost ready to make the leap from our short-lived beta phase to official life as IraqSlogger (Monday launch).

Your suggestions and questions are helping your IraqSlogger editors whip things into shape editorially, layout-wise, and technically. Thank you.

We're beyond gratified to have garnered more than 64,000 page views over the past 24...

See it here
Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq issues statement
The statement's accompanying photo, not claimed to be of the actual incident
The statement's accompanying photo, not claimed to be of the actual incident
On November 12th in Mosul, an Iraqi soldier opened fire on U.S. troops in Mosul, killing two and wounding six more, while they waited outside a meeting between a U.S. lieutenant and an Iraqi Captain. The shooter, identified as Barzan Muhammed, from the 6th Brigade of the Iraqi...
"Google Pakistan" isn't our server of choice anymore
Series on Soldiers Returning from Iraq and Afghanistan Premieres Online Tonight
Marine Corps Investigates Episode After Scandalous Video Surfaces on YouTube
Plight of "Moderate" Detainees, Refugees, Iraqi Journalists in Today's News
Aram Roston: Chalabi Duped Journalists, Prodded US to War with Bogus Claims
Here's an excerpt from a report on Aram Roston's new book:
"What most of the TV and print reporters weren't really aware of was that Chalabi's people used U.S. taxpayer funding to pay all that PR and propaganda," Roston says. In fact, Chalabi and his team were so good at spin, they were even rewarded for it. Says Roston, "After the...
In New Iraq Book, Many Darts, Few Laurels for News Outlets, Reporters, Pundits
E&P Editor Greg Mitchell's New Book Blasts Press, Pundits, and President
Iraq 2011 Sets Scene for New Dystopian Vision of the Future of GWOT
Forthcoming Book Promises to Chronicle "Untold Story" of Administration
New Anthology, Conference, Discusses Propaganda, Censorship During War
Preview it here
Documentary "Standard Operating Procedure" to Shed New Light on Wrongdoing

The film is slated to open in New York and Los Angeles April 25 and across the U.S. in May.

It's rated R for disturbing images and content involving torture and graphic nudity, and for language.

Documentary Poster Banned Because Hooded Prisoner "Suggests" Torture
"Jason" Seized in Baghdad Six Months Ago With Four Other Brits
December 16-19; Dozens of Movies to be Showcased; Venue to be Decided
Deal of the Week: Free Copy of DVD With Pledge to "Pass It Forward" to Friends
Opening Friday, Military, Media Buzzing About "Meeting Resistance"
Shihab Muhammad al-Haiti Disappeared in Baghdad Saturday
Baghdad, Oct 30, (VOI) – An Iraqi journalist working for the weekly Baghdad al-Yawm newspaper who was reportedly kidnapped last Saturday was found dead in northern Baghdad, a statement by the Journalistic Freedoms Observatory (JFO) said.

"Last Saturday Iraqi security forces found the body of Shihab Muhammad al-Haiti, a journalist, in northern...

Gunmen Opened Fire Killing Three al-Watan Correspondents
Editors Reportedly Under Fire for Criticizing Nassiriya Police Forces
News Agency Questions US Military Explanation in Killing of Two Reuters Staff
Seventh Reuters Employee Killed in Iraq Since 2003; Two Killed Thursday
read it here
An In-Depth Profile of the NYT's Dogged Baghdad Bureau
New York Times correspondent Dexter Filkins calls in a story during the second battle of Fallujah, November 2004.
Ashley Gilbertson.
New York Times correspondent Dexter Filkins calls in a story during the second battle of Fallujah, November 2004.

The December issue of Vanity Fair features an in-depth profile of the New York Times Baghdad bureau, now available online. VF's Seth Mnoonkin interviewed well-known members of...

Ricardo Sanchez Profiles Muqtada al-Sadr; Bush, Gates also Make List
As Fifth Anniversary of War Approaches, Magazine Provides Meaty Reporting
Nir Rosen's On-the-ground Look at the Perils of US Strategy in Iraq
Economist Asks and Answers Its Own Question on Iraq
Erik Prince, al-Sadr, Anti-War Vets Also Cited for Taking "Space in Your Head"
To the Fallen Follows Hip Hop CD With New Ones Performed by Active Duty and Vets

The only record label solely devoted to promoting the music of military artists added two more titles to its shelf today, releasing compilation albums of rock and country.

To the Fallen Records was founded last year by OIF veteran Capt. Sean Gilfillan and his friend Sydney DeMello to establish a musical outlet for active duty and veteran servicemembers. Named after the tattoo Gilfillan had put on his back to commemorate the friends of his killed in Iraq, the label plans to donate a portion of the proceeds to charities that assist wounded troops.

DeMello writes on their website about the particular...

To the Fallen Showcases the Verbal, Musical Artistry of Soldier-Rappers
Chicago Installation Allows Web Viewers to Splatter Wafaa Bilal With Paintball
Bureau's Retrospective on Five Years of War Coverage
Screenshot from the online Reuters presentation Bearing Witness.
Screenshot from the online Reuters presentation "Bearing Witness."
. As the five-year mark since the beginning of the US-led invasion of Iraq approaches, Reuters, which has covered the conflict from inside Iraq since the beginning of operations, has launched a multimedia tribute to its staff's work.

The multimedia online installation "Bearing...

Pew Poll Finds Most Americans Unaware US Force Deaths in Iraq So High
US News Oulets Provides 16 Times More Coverage of US Campaign than Iraq
International News Safety Institute Launches Hostage Crisis Center
Christmas Day Carnage; Shiites Feud; Turkey Bombs; Iraq in Morocco; "Ugh"
Iraq's Christians Pray; Grinches Strike in Diyala; Baghdad Goes Scooter Mad
U.S. Military
Richard Betts Urges Fiscal Discipline for Military Spending
"Powerful armed forces are necessary for U.S. national security, but they should be tailored to counter the threats and vulnerabilities the country actually faces, not to satisfy hubristic ambitions of remaking the world," writes Richard K. Betts, Director of the Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies at Columbia University, in the latest issue of Foreign Affairs.

The budget request for DOD operations in FY 2008 is $505 billion, with the supplemental $142 billion requested for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, that adds up to a defense budget of $647 billion--almost...

read it here
Twenty Interviews and Five Conversations with "High Value Detainee # 1" in 2004

After Freedom of Information Act requests were made by the independent NGO, The National Security Archive, transcripts of 20 formal interviews and at least 5 "casual conversations" the FBI held with Saddam Hussein are made available, held after his capture by U.S. troops in December 2003. Interesting stuff.

From the intr...

Newspaper To Be Sued For Printing MP’s Comments, Radio Station Raided
The Committe to Protect Journalists Sends a Letter to KRG Leadership
Advocacy Group Warns of Politicization of Refugee Returns in New Field Report
Think Tank Gathers Iraqi Academics, Questions "Surge" Success
Iraqi Women Recount Hardships After 2003 in New Oxfam Report

Wounded Warrior Project