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Alleged Video of Blackwater Casualties
1920 Revolutionary Brigades Posted on Islamist Website
01/25/2007 3:20 PM ET

The film begins with the green flag and logo of the 1920 Revolution Battalions. The top slogan says "Fight Them, May God Torture Them With Your Hands" and the bottom slogan says “The Islamic Resistance Movement.” Two Kalashnikovs are facing each other with the map of Iraq in the background.

The footage begins and is attributed to the Baghdad Section of the 1920 Revolution Battalions and the subtitle says: "the downing of an American chopper in the region of al-Fadl in Baghdad"

The radical Sunni website IraqiRabita published a story claiming that they have footage of the attack that brought down the helicopter but the website says it wants to exchange the footage for weapons, not money


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