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Meet Baghdad's New CIA Station Chief
Ken Silverstein Describes Problematic Resume of Anonymous Man
01/29/2007 12:37 PM ET
Ken Silverstein over at Harper's blog has posted a profile of the newly-appointed CIA station chief for Baghdad.

"Several sources have informed me the CIA has nominated a man who is widely criticized within the agency and seen as ill-fitted to the role. Furthermore, the new station chief is said to be closely identified with detainee abuses, especially those involving 'extraordinary renditions'—the practice by which terrorist suspects are covertly delivered to foreign intelligence agencies to be interrogated."

While not a traditional profile in that, as Ken notes, he would be jailed for revealing the officer's identity, the piece does give an account of the anonymous man's work history. The entire piece, for obvious reasons, is based on anonymous comments, but Silverstein's sources tend to be reliable.


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