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IraqSlogger's Word Count Contest: Win $2,007
How Many Times Will the Word "Iraq" Be Heard on These TV Programs?
01/30/2007 07:25 AM ET
ProgramMonday 1/29Tuesday 1/30Wednesday 1/31
CNN's "Situation Room" 5pm et (hour)69TBA?
ABC's "World News" 630pm et (half-hour)24TBA?
CBS's "Evening News" 630pm et (half-hour)19TBA?
NBC's "Nightly News" 630pm et (half-hour)20TBA?
Fox News's "O'Reilly Factor" 8pm et (hour)17TBA?
MSNBC's "Countdown" 8pm et (hour)39TBA?
CC's "Daily Show" 11pm et (half-hour)2TBA?

A few days ago, we promised to give $2,007 to the first person who correctly predicted how many times President Bush would say key words -- Iraq, Iran, Agfhanistan, Syria, North Korea, and terror -- in his State of the Union Address. We had a surprising number of contestants, including members of the U.S. military in the Mideast, but no winning entry.

Round two. Be the first to guess exactly how many times the word "Iraq" will be heard on each of these TV programs Wednesday, January 31 and win $2,007. We'll provide a count of how many times "Iraq" is heard on the shows Monday and Tuesday, January 29 and 30, giving you a better sense on which to base your Wednesday prediction. The problem with waiting for Monday and Tuesday numbers: the first correct entry wins. Contest rules are below.

Contest rules:
1. Entries must be sent to by 4pm et January 31.
2. One entry per contestant.
3. Name and return e-mail address required.
4. Any contestant whose actual name is not submitted is disqualified.
5. In the event of a tie, the earliest correct entry wins.
6. Count based on number of times the word "Iraq" is heard in each program, excluding the word on-screen (not spoken) and excluding commercials and non-program public service announcements. 7. Word count according to IraqSlogger tabulation.
8. IraqSlogger's ruling on a winner is the final word.


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