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IraqSlogger's "Iraq" Word Count Contest: No W
Next Time, an Easier Contest and a Sure Prize Winner
By EASON JORDAN 01/31/2007 11:40 PM ET
ProgramMonday 1/29Tuesday 1/30Wednesday 1/31
CNN's "Situation Room" 5pm et (hour)6970 106
ABC's "World News" 630pm et (half-hour)24169
CBS's "Evening News" 630pm et (half-hour)19178
NBC's "Nightly News" 630pm et (half-hour)201030
Fox News's "O'Reilly Factor" 8pm et (hour)172232
MSNBC's "Countdown" 8pm et (hour)391638
CC's "Daily Show" 11pm et (half-hour)207

If anyone had guessed exactly how many times the word "Iraq" was heard today on each and every program above, that person would have pocketed $2,007 in our Iraq Word Count Contest. But we had no winning entry. The most challenging category here -- the one that threw off all our contestants -- was the CNN statistic. The highest guess for the CNN hour among contestants was 73 mentions of the word "Iraq" -- short by 33. Contestants were in the neighborhood of guessing right for the other programs, although no one nailed all the other categories. My partner, Robert Pelton, told me this contest was nuts -- virtually impossible to win -- and he was right. I thought it would be fascinating to learn how many times the word "Iraq" would be spoken on these TV programs. Mission accomplished. Our next contest will have a sure winner.


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