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Icelandic Shrimp to Stop Bleeding of U.S. Sol
Pentagon Purchases 400,000 Shellfish-Based Bandages
02/01/2007 10:55 AM ET

Wired news has reported that the U.S. Army just purchased 400,000 new bandages made with chitosan, a polysaccharide extracted from the exoskeletons of Icelandic shrimp.

The chitosan is something called a mucoadhesive, meaning body fluids like blood make it extremely sticky.

"The chitosan dressing has achieved over 97 percent success rates for external hemorrhage control in current combat operations," says Dr. John McManus of the Army research program for Combat Casualty Care.

In case the injured soldiers get hungry, the bandages are completely edible, though they don't cause any reaction in people with shellfish allergies.


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