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Iraqi Police Sell Weapons
Black Market Relies on Issued Weapons.
02/05/2007 10:49 PM ET
Reuters provides a snapshot of what an Iraqi policeman can make selling his issued weapons. One Iraqi policeman admits that he sold his Glock and protective vest for $1500 on the blackmarket.

A little more research by Slogger reveals that Ak-47s are around $500 (up from $50 in 2003) RPG's are $150 for the launcher, the warheads are $50 each. Typically AK's were $75 to $150 then. They are cheaper in Kurdistan and more expensive in Baghdad and the south. The Glock and Walther P-99 in 9mm can be purchased for around $900 to $1100, Dragunov (sniper rifles ) are over $1,000 with rudimentary scopes.

The most highly prized are the Krinkov or short barreled, folding stock version sthat are easier to conceal and use in vehicles. These units can be up to $2000.

The Glock 19 is the standard issue 9mm pistol issued in Iraq and in 65% of the US's law enforcement agencies. There have been 2,500.000 Glock pistols sold in over 100 countries.

A total of 370,000 weapons had been purchased for the Iraqi police and military and they are common sights in markets. 138,000 Glocks and 165,000 AK's were recently purchased and imported using $133 million from the Iraq Relief and Reconstruction Fund.

Official estimates are that 4% of these weapons are missing before being issued according to the Inspector General.

The average salary of an Iraqi Police Officer is $60 a month.

Slogger has previously reported on the price of bullets being influenced by fears of upcomong conflict. In a macabre financial exercize, OXFAM took the average number of bullets used to kill Iraqis (4 - 12 AK-47 rounds), the cost of bullets at the time (30 cents in March, 06) and estimated that it cost $2.40 to kill an Iraqi.


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