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MediaWatch:Political Cartoons
A Short History of the Iraq War
What Is Making Sloggers Chuckle (Slightly)
02/08/2007 4:20 PM ET

For a short clip, Larsfilms put quite a bit of work into this satirical animation telling a (very liberal) short history of the Iraq war.

So much sociological research has been devoted to studying how times of conflict inspire artistic creativity. I can't wait until the first one is released examining what has happened now that YouTube, MySpace, cheap webcams, digital video, production software for dummies, etc has revolutionized a generation's means of expression and access to an audience.

Of all the Iraq war-related stuff that floats through the ether, sometimes we come across a gem like this.

Regardless of personal politics, everyone has to kind of chuckle at this "Short History of the Iraq War," if only for the amount of amateur effort that went into producing it.

Onward to Iran!


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