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Context: Casualties Attributed to Iran's EFPs
US Military: Iranian-Made Bombs Responsible for 5% of Coalition Deaths
02/11/2007 10:41 PM ET
With the U.S. military claiming that Iranian-made "explosively formed penetrators" (EFPs) have killed 170 coalition forces and wounded 620 in Iraq, this chart puts those casualty numbers into context.

Cause of Coalition CasualtiesDeathsWoundedPercent of all deathsPercent of hostile deathsPercent of all wounded
EFP (from Iran?)1706205.03%6.24%3.77%
IED (includes EFP)1190not disclosed35.2%43.65%-
All hostile action2,726not disclosed80.7%--
Hostile/non-hostile combined3,37923,417---
Raw stats from icasualties.orgtotal wounded US only

Here is Wikipedia's explanation of the EFP.


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