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Iran Factor
Iranian DM Slams US Arms Allegations
Mohammad-Najjar: Charges "Mere Lies"
02/14/2007 10:39 PM ET
Brigadier-General Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar in 2005.
Getty Images
Brigadier-General Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar in 2005.
A second Iranian official speaks out to deny the recent US allegations that it is arming militias in Iraq. Iran's defense minister, Brigadier-General Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar lashed out Wednesday, referring to the charges as "mere lies."

After the denial of the Iranian foreign ministry, reported yesterday, Mohammad-Najjar's response is the second high-level Iranian rejection of the accusations.

Speaking to IRNA, the DM said that the charges were "part of the US blame game and psychological war on Iran to create discord among regional states."

The minister went on to say, "Iran adheres strictly to its foreign policy of non-involvement in the internal affairs of other states and this is the reason why Tehran opposes the presence of US forces in Iraq and in the entire region." He repeated an oft-used phrase by Iranian officials: "Iran considers Iraq's security as its own as Iran is fully aware that insecurity in Iraq will work against Iran's national interests."

Mohammad-Najjar said that "withdrawal of US troops from Iraq and putting responsibility for maintaining security in the hands of Iraq's popular government will play a decisive role in halting the violence and insecurity in the country."

The DM also took the opportunity to state that Iran and Iraq have cultural and religious connections that predate the foundation of the United States.


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