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Feith-Based Initative to "Pimp Your War"
Kwiatkowski: "Alternate Universe of Propaganda Was Necessary"
02/15/2007 08:17 AM ET
A former colleague of Doug Feith's is heaping on more criticism of the way the former undersecretary of defense helped create intelligence assessments that urged an imperative of war.

Karen Kwiatkowski, retired USAF lieutenant colonel, worked May 2002 through February 2003 in the office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, Near East South Asia and Special Plans (USDP/NESA and SP) in the Pentagon. She retired from the military in late 2003, not long after becoming disillusioned with the intelligence asessments produced by Feith's unit.

She has written a new commentary piece on, demonstrating that she has not mellowed in her opinion of Feith in the years since her retirement.:

"An alternate universe of propaganda was necessary, and Feith worked hard to make it happen. The propaganda machine was emplaced, and any CIA intelligence that did not fit this normative agenda was 'criticized.' Further, this critique (alternate universe style) was provided to willing (if often passive) partners in the executive branch, the media, and Congress as if it were valid and validated. Yes, inappropriate in the eyes of some, illegal, immoral and impeachable offenses to others. But history, Feith feels, will prove the wisdom of this Feith-based initiative, a.k.a. 'Pimp Your War.'"

See here for an alternate view of Feith analysis from his successor as Under Secretary of Defense, Eric Edelman.

For further reading, in recent days I have posted a piece quoting former CIA offical Michael Scheuer's views on the Feith assessments, and the letter fromSenators Hoyer, Reyes, and Skelton asking Robert Gates what measures he proposes be put in place to prevent the kind of flawed assessments the DoD's IG report found came from Feith's unit.


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