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Al Qaeda Losing Allies in Iraqi Media
Al-Zawra Owner Lambasts Terror Group in Televised Speech
By CHRISTINA DAVIDSON 02/19/2007 12:10 PM ET
Al-Zawra has often been charged with being a jihadist networks because of the station's propensity for broadcasting propaganda videos. But according to Nibras Kazimi, a major crack has appeared in the jihadi media alliance.

This past weekend, Al-Zawra's owner and disgraced parliamentarian, Mishaan al-Jebouri, took to the airwaves and gave an unexpected speech denouncing al Qaeda, and questioning the validity of pledging allegiance to phantom leader, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi.

Kazimi suspects that the dramatic turnaround may have been sponsored by Syria, since Jebouri is currently in Damascus and, according to rumors Kazimi has recently heard, Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia has recently been relocating some of their resources from Iraq to Syria in a plan to launch attacks against the Assad regime.

Kazimi has a full transcription of the speech with deeper analysis on his Talisman Gate blog, but here are al-Jebouri's main points:

-Al-Qaeda provoked the Shi'as and then failed to protect the Sunnis from retaliation.

-Al-Qaeda is forcing all the other insurgent groups to pledge allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq under Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, and is punishing the hold-outs.

-Al-Qaeda is killing and abducting Sunni notables who were part of the insurgency.

-Al-Qaeda wants to impose a Taliban-like Islamic State on Iraqi Sunnis, who are the worse for it—they don’t even have enough to eat.

-Al-Qaeda killed an emissary sent by al-Jebouri, who had wanted to negotiate with al-Baghdadi.

-Iraqi Sunnis across the board are preparing to clash with Al-Qaeda as is already happening in Anbar Province.


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