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Iraq Security Developments -- Monday
Round-Up of Key Violent Incidents Across Iraq
02/19/2007 10:26 PM ET
Baghdad, Feb 19, (VOI) – Main security developments in Iraq on Monday:

Tikrit- Three policemen were killed and four others wounded in an attack by unidentified gunmen on their patrol between Tikrit city and Touz district in the province of Salah al-Dein, 175 km north of Baghdad, Iraqi police said on Monday.

Tikrit- Five people were killed and 10 others wounded when a suicide bomber blew up his booby-trapped car near the house of the National Guard commander on Monday, according to a police source in Dalouiya, a district 90 km north of the capital Baghdad.

Baghdad- Four Iraqi civilians were killed and 34 others wounded in a car bomb south of Baghdad and an explosive charge southeast of the capital on Monday morning, Iraqi police sources said.

Baghdad- Seven civilians were killed and eight other injured on Monday when a bomb planted inside a bus blew up in central Baghdad, Iraqi police sources said.

Basra- A gunman was killed and five others detained during search and raid operations by coalition forces in western Basra, a military spokeswoman said on Monday.

Karbala- Two persons carrying Pakistani passports were arrested in central Karbala, 108 km southwest of Baghdad, for entering Iraq illegally, the Karbala police chief said on Monday.

Baghdad- Two U.S. soldiers were killed and 17 others injured on Monday when gunmen attacked a U.S. base in northern Baghdad, the U.S. army said in a statement.

Falluja- A U.S. Hummer was damaged on Sunday when an explosive charge went off at a U.S. vehicle patrol in western Iraqi city of Falluja, an eyewitness said.

Baghdad- At least 11 people were killed and ten others were wounded on Monday evening in a mortar attack at a residential area in southern Baghdad, a police source said.

Diala- Unidentified gunmen kidnapped on Monday at least ten persons in al-Katon district west of Baaquba, in Diala province, eyewitnesses said, while a medical source in al-Khalis hospital noted that they have received two unknown bodies.

Muthanna- Iraqi police forces waged on Monday a large-scale arrests among elements of Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi army militias, the media official of Shaheed Sadr office said.


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