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Embarrassing MNF-Iraq Flub in Big Coalition R
Mistake in Year-in-Review Report From Gen. Casey, Amb. Khalilzad
02/20/2007 02:18 AM ET
Two Iraqi Vice Presidents with the same name?
MNF-Iraq 2006 Year in Review, page 25
Two Iraqi Vice Presidents with the same name?

In a mistake that surely will have U.S. officials apologizing to Iraq's Sunni vice president, the U.S.-led coalition's just-released 25-page report recapping 2006 in Iraq includes a photo of the Sunni VP and identifies him as Adil Abd al-Mahdi -- in reality, the name of Iraq's other vice president, a Shia. The two Iraqi vice presidents are rivals.

The report is signed by U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad and U.S. General George Casey, who apparently did not proof-read the final draft of the report (otherwise, this error almost certainly would have been caught in the editing process).

On the final page of the report, Iraq's top leaders are pictured, with their names below their photos. Both of Iraq's vice presidents -- Sunni Tariq Hashimi and Shia Adil Abd al-Mahdi -- are pictured, and both are both identified in writing as al-Mahdi.

Your humble Sloggers are far from perect, too, especially on a tight deadline. But it's surprising to see such a sloppy error in a Khalilzad-Casey coalition report that was several weeks in the making.

The report is worth a read. The report's cover page touts Iraq's "unity, security, prosperity, governance, and rule of law." It's here: MNF2006annualreport.pdf


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