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Kirkuk Police Blotter -- Monday
As the Key City North of Baghdad Goes from Bad to Worse
By NIR ROSEN 12/12/2006 04:48 AM ET
Our correspondent in Kirkuk provides us with the Monday police blotter:

-- A roadside bomb exploded near an Iraqi Police Commando patrol in Kirkuk's al Kournish district, injuring two of the Policemen.

-- In the Tuz area south of the city a Sunni militia a house in the village of Yengiga, killing six members of the Shia Turkmen family and injuring a 7th. In Mosul four members of this same family were also assassinated.

-- Colonel Araz Nathim, the commander of Kirkuk's Criminal Investigation Department, his wife and seven of his bodyguards were injured when a suicide car bomb exploded in front of Nathim's house.

-- The large al Saada building in Kirkuk's al Jumhuriya street was set afire in unknown circumstances, burning many of the nearby markets as well. At least one person was injured.

-- In Dibiz Iraqi security forces operating with American soldiers defused three roadside bombs on the highway going to Kirkuk. They also defused a roadside bomb on the highway between Kirkuk and Mosul.


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