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Kirkuk Police Blotter -- Tuesday
As the Key City North of Baghdad Goes from Bad to Worse
By NIR ROSEN 12/12/2006 6:16 PM ET
The Tuesday Kirkuk police blotter:

-- A roadside bomb exploded in the very crowded Tissiin neighborhood of Kirkuk on the evening of December 11. There were no casualties reported.

-- A car bomb went off next the convoy of General Safiin Haydar, commander of the Iraqi army in Kirkuk.

--Local Iraqi security forces arrested five people suspected of involvement in terror attacks.

-- The combined forces of the Iraqi army, Iraqi police and American soldiers have initiated a new campaign in Kirkuk to confiscate unauthorized weapons and capture "terrorists." The campaign began in the village of Chardaklu where they captured the five suspects and also found 19 unauthorized small arms such as Kalashnikovs and pistols.

-- Hundreds of Kurds demonstrated in front of the US consulate in Kirkuk to show their anger at the Iraq Study Group's report, which they described as unacceptable and not realistic. They demanded the normalization of Kirkuk as soon as possible, meaning that Kirkuk would fall further under Kurdish control. The US Consul notified the protestors that the Iraq Study Groups report was merely a study and not a decision taken by the US government.

-- Four Iraqi soldiers were killed and seven wounded in the al Mashrou area of Kirkuk between Kirkuk and Hawija when a suicide car bomb exploded near an Iraqi army checkpoint.


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