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Fox's Gibson Chooses Anna Nicole Over Iraq Wa
Calls Those Who Disagree With Editorial Judgement "Snobs"
John Gibson is facing criticism for comments he made on his radio show last Friday when responding to charges that he has given the Anna Nicole Smith story too much coverage on his nightly "The Big Story with John Gibson" cable news program on Fox.

Referring to CNN's Anderson Cooper focusing so much of his broadcast on stories related to the war in Iraq, Gibson commented:

Oh, there’s a war on, there’s a war on. Maybe, just maybe, people are a little weary, Mr. Cooper, of your war coverage, and they’d like a little something else. Maybe that’s why they all thundered to this story. Now it may not fit the high-minded views of a lot of news professionals, people who think that their news program is just another part of Foreign Affairs Quarterly. That only a certain kind of news is worthy of their discussing. Those people are snobs.... People want to hear about the Anna Nicole story, I’m happy to tell them.

So John Gibson believes his viewership is "weary" of war coverage, and those broadcasters giving editorial weight to the latest Iraq developments at the expense of expanded Anna Nicole coverage are "snobs."

ThinkProgress has a link to a complete recording of Gibson's Friday radio show.

The announcement for tonight's "The Big Story"indicates that in Gibson's judgement, the biggest stories in America today are still only those that primarily affect the rich and famous:

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