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Republican Talking Points for Iraq Policy Deb
Politico Lays Out Communications Strategy for Coming Weeks
Over the past few weeks, Republicans have been on the defensive, confronted by an onslaught of Democratic proposals for the Iraq war.

The Republican leadership's attempt to spin the debate coverage to their own political advantage has been fairly obvious. Based on his own sources, the Politico's Roger Simon has developed a convenient 5-point Republican communications strategy for Hill watchers' reference, summarized below.

1. History Lesson: Take stand against "micro-managing" of war. Remind public of consequences of LBJ picking bombing targets inside northern Vietnam.

2. Constitutional Protection: The Constitution does not allow role for Congress in prosecuting war on day-to-day basis.

3. Legal Protections: It is unprecedented for Congress to revise a use-of-force resolution during a war.

4. Military Matters: Petraeus just assumed command and must be given time to see if the new plan will work.

5. Political Play: Charge that anything the Dems try to do is effectively selling out the troops.

Simon has a more complete description and analysis of his theoretical Republican Iraq-debate talking points over at The Politico.


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