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Kirkuk Police Blotter -- Wednesday
As the Key City North of Baghdad Goes from Bad to Worse
12/13/2006 2:47 PM ET
A mortar attack at 3:40 AM hit the al Ziraa housing are of Kirkuk's al Riyadh district, killing two women and injuring two others.

A roadside bomb exploded near the former police academy in the Wasti district of Kirkuk as an Iraqi police patrol went by, killing one policeman and injuring two others.

The Iraqi army and police acting together with American soldiers captured three wanted "terrorists" in the village of Bagwan in the Dibiz area of Kirkuk. They also captured 13 weapons in the raid.

At 10.55 AM a suicide car bomb using a small truck detonated at the gate of the 1st Brigade of the 2nd Iraqi Army battalion's headquarters in the al Shahriya village on the road between Riyadh and Bayji. A second suicide car bomb went off a few seconds later. Seven were killed and eleven injured.


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