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New Poll Enumerates American Angst Over War
Solid Majority Believes US Made Mistake Invading Iraq
03/06/2007 4:02 PM ET
Public disapproval over the war in Iraq has matched its previous September 2005 record, according to a USA Today/Gallup Poll released today. Of the 1,001 adults polled by phone March 2-4, 59% believed sending troops to Iraq was a mistake.

The number of Americans who believe the US can not win in Iraq spiked significantly to 46%, a full ten points higher than previous record of 36% from April and December 2006 polls. Only 28% believes the US will achieve victory.

A solid majority (60%) supported withdrawing troops within a year, while 13% believed in sending more troops.

Though the statistics speak to strong sentiments against the war, a majority (61%) also disapproved of denying funding to send additional troops into Iraq, and a slim majority (52%) said they do not want Congress to attempt to revoke the 2002 Use of Force Authorization. However, a slight majority (54%) did support the idea of enacting caps on the troop levels.

Finally, President Bush only recieved a 33% approval rating, among the lowest since taking office.

The complete breakdown of the USA Today/Gallup poll is available here.


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