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Iraq Security Developments -- Friday
Round-Up of Major Violent Incidents Across Iraq
03/16/2007 4:56 PM ET
Baghdad, March 16, (VOI) – Main security developments in Iraq on Friday:

Tikrit- Unidentified gunmen attacked a U.S. army patrol in central Tikrit, capital of Salah al-Din province, setting a Hummer vehicle on fire, a security source in Tikrit said on Friday.

Basra- A British patrol came under an attack with RPG-7 missiles on Friday with no reports of casualties, the spokeswoman for British forces in southern Iraq said on Friday.

Missan- A member of the Missan Chamber of Commerce board of directors was killed on Thursday night by unidentified gunmen fire in central Amara, 380 km southeast of Baghdad, an eyewitness said on Friday.

Hilla- One man was killed and 12 others injured in a mortar attack by unidentified gunmen on Friday in neighborhoods in central Hilla, 100 km south of Baghdad, a source from Babel police command said.

Kirkuk- Two policemen men were killed and two others wounded in an explosive device attack on a Kirkuk police patrol, an Iraqi police source said on Friday.

Hilla- A curfew was imposed all over the city of Hilla, 100 km south of Baghdad, after the Sadrists , followers of Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, announced staging a demonstration after the Friday noon prayer protesting raids and arrests by security forces, a police source said.

Baghdad- Five U.S. army were killed and three others wounded in military operations in the capital Baghdad and Salah al-Din province on Thursday, coinciding with the U.S. House of Representatives' approval on a plan to withdraw soldiers by the end of 2008, the U.S. army announced on Friday.

Baghdad- A civilian was killed and four others were wounded on Friday when a roadside bomb went off in Shoala neighborhood, northwest of Baghdad, a police source said.

Basra- A total of eleven captives fled al-Shuaaiba jail, 45km west of Basra, after exchanging their clothes with their visiting relatives, the spokeswoman for the Multi-National forces in southern Iraq said on Friday.

Diala- At least 15 people, including four policemen, were wounded on Friday evening when a suicide attacker detonated explosives strapped to his body in Diala province, 57 km northeast of Baghdad, a security source said.


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