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Questions and Answers -- Friday
Launch Nears, Salute, Malkin, RSS, Bugs, Links (Not), Dinars
By EASON JORDAN 12/15/2006 00:34 AM ET
We're almost ready to make the leap from our short-lived beta phase to official life as IraqSlogger (Monday launch).

Your suggestions and questions are helping your IraqSlogger editors whip things into shape editorially, layout-wise, and technically. Thank you.

We're beyond gratified to have garnered more than 64,000 page views over the past 24 hours in our first and only week of beta existence.

I salute the entire IraqSlogger team for their herculean efforts thus far. My partner Robert Young Pelton deserves much of the credit, as do Nir Rosen, Zeyad, Anna Shen, Amer Mohsen, and many others in Iraq and Stateside.

Some of you have asked what's up with IraqSlogger's invitation to send Michelle Malkin to Iraq. It was a serious invitation, she accepted it, she asked if I'd also pay for her to take along Curt of the Flopping Aces blog, I said yes, and now we're working to arrange the trip. This is an enormously complicated journey to arrange, with safety and security being paramount concerns. This is serious stuff, and I'm taking the conversation with Michelle offline until we have a meaningful advance in the story to share with you.

Many of you are asking for an RSS feed of IraqSlogger. Our back-end Web team -- Erik, Tara, and Maurice with Cartwheel Creative in Seattle -- tells us IraqSlogger is already optimized for RSS and that an RSS link will be added to IraqSlogger's home page in the next day or two.

Some Netscape users tell us they're having problems with their browser when viewing Slogger. Sorry. We're working to resolve that problem.

A few of you asked that we provide Web links on IraqSlogger to declared and undeclared U.S. political candidates. No.

To the unofficial Iraqi dinar fan club (thanks for your messages), yes, we'll report soon on the Iraqi currency's surging strength against the U.S. dollar (what currency isn't strong against the dollar these days?).



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