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Is This Al Qaeda in Iraq Video a Fake?
US Mil. Sources Say No Record of Such an Attack on Bradley, Bloggers Cry Fraud
By EASON JORDAN 03/20/2007 01:54 AM ET
US military sources here in Baghdad are questioning the authenticity of this Al Qaeda in Iraq video that appears to show an insurgent sneaking beneath a US Bradley, planting explosives, and blowing it up.

Al Qaeda claims the attack happened in Anbar province. The video surfaced Sunday on several Web sites and prompted this story from the AP. US military sources in Baghdad say they have exmained the video closely but say they have no record of such an attack on a Bradley in Iraq. Some bloggers who are analyzing the video frame by frame say they are convinced the video is a fake. Other bloggers who have looked at the video believe it might be authentic. We'd welcome and appreciate further input from US military analysts and experts in determining the authenticity of video (clink on the green tab in our left column). The Belmont Club blog is among those raising doubts about the video's authenticity and includes comments from doubters and believers.


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