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Kirkuk Police Blotter -- Friday
The Daily Blotter from the Key City North of Baghdad
12/15/2006 6:08 PM ET
A relatively quiet day, probably because virtually all Iraqis were glued to their TVs watching the Iraq-Qatar soccer match.

-- A roadside bomb exploded near a police patrol in the Kornish street district between Ginahat Bridge and the 3rd Bridge early Friday morning, injuring two members of the Iraqi police.

-- Iraqi police captured a gang of suspected terrorists claimign to be police who had kidnapped a woman and beat members of her family. Eight hours after the kidnapping the police found the house the gang was using, freed the hostage and arrested the gang members, who not only confessed to kidnapping and raping the woman but also confessed to several other kidnapping incidents. The arrest occurred in the Asra wa Mafkoudin district of Kirkuk.


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