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CORRECTION: Report of Anbar Attack Bogus
US Military Dismisses as False VOI Report Relayed by IraqSlogger
03/25/2007 7:46 PM ET
Bill Roggio's "The Fourth Rail" blog breaks the news that the US military is dismissing as false a Voice of Iraq (VOI) report claiming a US military convoy was ambushed near the Anbar province city of Rutbah last night.

The original VOI report was relayed this morning on IraqSlogger.

Roggio quotes a a US Marine spokesman as saying nothing remotely similar to the VOI-reported episode occurred.

Here is Roggio's full post.

Kudos to Roggio for setting the record straight.

The erroneous VOI report is below.

Hit, March 25 (VOI) – An unidentified number of U.S. soldiers were killed and wounded by explosive devices on Saturday night when their convoy of tanks and Hummer vehicles was attacked east of the city of al-Rutba, Anbar province, eyewitnesses said. "Unidentified gunmen lurking in 4WD vehicles with mounted machine-guns ambushed the U.S. convoy after the explosive devices went off," eyewitnesses driving on the international highway linking Iraq to Syria and Jordan told the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI). Civilians, who were driving nearly 200 meters behind the U.S. convoy, told VOI that a number of U.S. soldiers were killed and wounded, adding that the explosive charges destroyed several U.S. military vehicles. U.S. convoys usually travel on highways at a maximum speed of 75 km/h. Civilian vehicles are instructed not to overtake American military convoys, which causes cars to be banked up behind them. No comment was made by the U.S. on the incident in Rutba, 410 km west of the Iraqi capital Baghdad.


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