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In the Words of the War Dead
Newsweek Dedicates Issue to Voices of the Fallen
03/26/2007 1:12 PM ET

"The kind of history in this issue is the most bracing kind of recollection, for it is barely recollection at all. It is more like collection, as the warriors record what is happening to them virtually as it happens," Jon Meacham writes in the introduction to Newsweek's special issue dedicated to telling the story of the Iraqi war through the experiences of those whose lives it has claimed.

A group of Newsweek reporters have spent the past two months contacting surviving relatives and loved ones of soldiers killed in Iraq, collecting cherished photos and letters, sifting it through it all to assemble a narrative of the invasion and occupation from accounts written home by those who witnessed it.

"The result is a window on Iraq we have not had before: the bravery, the fear and the chaos of war, and the loves and hates and dreams and nightmares of the warriors. Things are incredibly busy, then they are not. The Iraqis are welcoming, then they are not. The war is going well, then it is not. The mission makes sense, then it does not."


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