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Syria "More Accomodating" to Terrorists
State Dept Adviser: 90% of Suicide Bombers Cross Syrian Border
03/27/2007 5:37 PM ET
Condoleezza Rice's top adviser on Iraq today said foreign terrorists view Syria as a "more accomodating" country to transit while making their way into Iraq, offering an account that, while not in direct conflict, doesn't seem to quite mesh with the Administration's position on the alleged meddling being done by Iran.

David Satterfield, while giving a speech at the Washington Institute of Near East Affairs, said that approximately 90 percent of suicide bombers in Iraq were foreigners, and that 85-90 percent of those attackers had crossed through Syria on their way to Iraq.

"They (suicide bombers) see Syria as a more accommodating country through which to transit across the border to come into Iraq to perpetrate their terror.... It has to stop, it is not in Syria's long term interests to let this violence continue."


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