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Iraq Security Developments -- Friday
At Least 11 Killed; Crackdown in Diyala; 2 GIs Dead in Baghdad
04/13/2007 8:20 PM ET
US forces patrol a market in Baghdad's Kadhimiya district on Friday.
Photo by Ali Yussef/AFP.
US forces patrol a market in Baghdad's Kadhimiya district on Friday.
Baghdad, Apr. 13, (VOI) – Main security developments in Iraq on Friday:

Khalis- Unknown gunmen killed four civilians on Friday afternoon in central Khalis in Diala province, 57 km northeast of Baghdad, a police source said.

Diala- Iraqi and U.S. forces killed two gunmen and arrested 11 suspected militants on Friday during a security crackdown in Diala province, 57 km northeast of Baghdad, a security source said.

Diwaniya- The Multi-National Forces' Echo base in southern Diwaniya came under mortar and Katyusha rockets attack on Friday, while a U.S. force stormed al-Sadr's office in Diwaniya during Friday sermon, a security source said.

Mosul- The Director of the state-owned-Grain Trade Company was abducted in Ninewa after performing Friday prayer, while a policeman was injured in a bomb explosion in Mosul, 402 km north of Baghdad, police sources said.

Basra – A British base in northwestern Basra came under an attack on Thursday night, a military spokeswoman in southern Iraq, Capt. Katie Brown, said on Friday.

Kirkuk – An armed group attacked a barber's shop in southern Kirkuk on Thursday night, wounding the shop owner and a customer, an official Iraqi police source said on Friday.

Mosul – Unidentified gunmen assassinated the imam of Zhu al-Nurain Mosque while on his way to perform the Friday prayers, the director of the Ninawa police operations room said.

Hilla – An explosive charge detonated on Friday morning near a police commandos vehicle patrol in north of Hilla, killing one element and wounding three more, a police source said.

Kut – A gunman shot down a citizen in central Kut city on Friday, a security source in Wassit province said.

Baghdad – Two U.S. soldiers were killed in Baghdad on Thursday, one of them during an attack on his patrol and the other killed in a "non-battle" incident, the U.S. army said on Friday.

Diwaniya – A camp belonging to the Multi-National Force in southern Diwaniya came under an attack with mortar and katyusha shells as Iraqi and U.S. forces are conducting raids and search campaigns all over the city, a security source said.

Baaquba – Unidentified gunmen blew up an elementary school in the district of Bani Saad, south of Baaquba city, but no casualties were reported, local residents said.


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