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Majority of Americans Support Withdrawal
Fox and CNN Polls Both Depict Deep Pessimism on Prospects for "Success" in Iraq
04/19/2007 6:33 PM ET
Sixty percent of Americans interviewed for a new CNN/Opinion Research Corp poll would side with Congressional Democrats in the current Iraq debate over funding and timetables, with 35% reporting that they would like to see an immediate withdrawal of American troops and another 26% calling for pullout by March 2008.

A recent Fox News poll had similar results, with 54% approving of Congress's effort to set a date for pullout, and 61% disagreeing that withdrawal could be equated with surrender.

It should be no surprise that a majority looks forward to withdrawal, since 69% think the war is going "badly" and 63% believe no one is winning, according to the CNN poll.

A slight majority in the CNN poll did not believe that sending 20,000 additional troops would make a difference in the security situation, and 45% in the Fox poll reported that Bush's surge had not had any impact, though 40% saw some kind of improvement and 4% thought it had gotten worse.


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