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House Committee Votes to Subpoena Rice
Secretary of State Will Be Compelled to Testify About Pre-War Intelligence
04/25/2007 3:14 PM ET
Gali Tibbon/AFP/Getty

The House Oversight committee voted 21-10 on Wednesday to suboena Condoleezza Rice to compel her to testify about her knowledge of the pre-war intelligence claims that made the case for the invasion of Iraq.

"There was one person in the White House who had primary responsibility to get the intelligence about Iraq right -- and that was Secretary Rice who was then President George W. Bush's national security adviser," said Chairman Henry Waxman (D-CA).

"The American public was misled about the threat posed by Iraq, and this committee is going to do its part to find out why," Waxman said.

Not long after assuming chairmanship of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform following the Democratic takeover of the House, Waxman sent a letter to Rice to let her know that she couldn't ignore his requests for information now that his party had assumed the majority.

The State Department has sent reponses to some of the Chairman's most recent requests, though none that have answered the questions to his satisfaction.

The questions Waxman addressed to Secretary Rice include:

(1) whether you had any knowledge that would explain why President Bush cited forged evidence about Iraq's efforts to procure uranium from Niger in the State of the Union address;

(2) whether you knew before the State of the Union address of the doubts raised by the CIA and the State Department about the veracity of the Niger claim;

(3) whether there was a factual basis for your reference in a January 23,2003, op-ed to "Iraq's efforts to get uranium from abroad";

(4) whether you took appropriate steps to investigate how the Niger claim ended up in the State of the Union address after it was revealed to be fraudulent.


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