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Green Zone Under Fire
Rocket Attacks Taking Toll on Sitting Duck Contractors
By ROBERT Y. PELTON 05/03/2007 5:45 PM ET
The remains of a rocket in the Karada  District
The remains of a rocket in the Karada District

After enduring three days of rocket attacks on the Green Zone, Slogger sources report that contractors billeted inside the Zone may take matters into their own hands if the U.S. Army does not do something to better secure the area.

A source with a security company based inside the Green Zone reports that one of his fellow American contractors was killed Monday while lying on his bed talking on the phone to his wife. On Tuesday, shrapnel reportedly injured more Americans. On Wednesday a rocket killed a group of TCNs or Third country nationals.

The Wednesday attack appears to be the only one to have made the news, as AP reported the US embassy acknowledged the death of four contractors from the Philippines, Nepal and India.

A security company approached the US military on Thursday to discuss the matter, and was told that the resources are not available to prevent the attacks. The contractor reportedly offered to use his men to begin undertaking countermeasures if the military was unable to provide security, but the idea was not an item of serious discussion.

One source tells me there is a simple solution, but the US military is failing to pursue it. "It doesn't take much to solve this problem. Snipers in overwatch positions. We are ready to do it--just waiting for approval."

Contractors are both trained, equipped and ready to provide overwatch to take out the hit and run rocket brigades as a self-defense measure, but indications are that they may just have to hunker down and endure for the moment.

"We are getting tired of it and feel that we can stop it within 24 to 48 hours," says one contractor not looking forward to another sleepless night.


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