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President Would Veto Dem Proposal
Tony Snow Says New Revision Still Has Restrictions, Extra Spending Items
05/09/2007 10:19 AM ET
Alex Wong/AFP/Getty

The House hasn't even voted on a revised measure for the defense spending supplemental bill yet, but the President must not like what he has been hearing about the Democrats' new ideas.

White House spokesperson Tony Snow told the press pool aboard Air Force One on Wednesday that the President would veto the measure currently under discussion, according to Reuters.

"There are restrictions on funding and there are also some of the spending items that were mentioned in the first veto message that are still in the bill," Tony Snow told reporters.

Asked whether Bush would veto the bill in its current form, Snow said: "Yes."

House Democratic leaders are preparing a bill that would fund the Iraq war through July and then give Congress the option of cutting off those funds if there had not been concrete improvements in the security situation.

Under the bill, which could reach the House floor as early as this week, Congress would release just half of the $95 billion in war funding requested by President Bush. It would then vote in July on whether to approve the rest of the sum, based on its assessment of the President's troop surge and progress in reconstruction and reconciliation efforts


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