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Senator Demands DoD Explain WWW Restrictions
Warner Plans to Investigate Pentagon's Ban on YouTube, MySpace, Others
05/15/2007 4:23 PM ET
Sen. John Warner
Jim Watson/Getty
Sen. John Warner

Sen. John Warner (R-VA), member of the Armed Services Committee, vowed on Tuesday to investigate the Pentagon's rationale for cutting off troop access to YouTube, MySpace, and other popular user-interface Internet sites on DoD networks.

The senator said he has already put in a call to the Pentagon to ask for an explanation, according to Daniel Reilly at, and said “Believe me, I am going to jump on that like a June bug right now."

“There is nothing more important to the men and women of the armed forces than to have that connection to home,” said Warner, who served in the U.S. Navy. “I will be looking into it today.”


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