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Militants Claim Execution of US Embassy Staff
"Islamic State of Iraq" Says Two Were Killed on Monday
05/31/2007 11:48 PM ET
Blast walls around the US embassy in Baghdad's Green Zone, in February 2007.
Photo by John Moore/Getty.
Blast walls around the US embassy in Baghdad's Green Zone, in February 2007.

An Iraqi militant group with links to the al-Qa'ida network has apparently issued a statement claiming that it has executed two employees of the US embassy in Iraq.

Internet forums carried a statement in Arabic attributed to the so-called “Islamic State of Iraq,” claiming that the group had “implemented God’s judgment” on the two, along with having obtained money from them.

The apparent statement was dated Thursday, but referred to the executions as having taken place on Monday.

The statement has not been independently verified, but it bears the hallmarks of earlier “Islamic State of Iraq” communiqués, and appears in Internet sites that regularly carry the militant group’s propaganda. It reads, in part:

The swords of the security elements of the Islamic State of Iraq . . .are on the throats of the crusaders, and their henchmen, underlings, and bootlickers.

The statement continues:

For today, with God’s help, it is revealed that God’s judgment has been implemented on two of the most prominent agents and spies of the slaves of the cross in the al-'Amiriya area of Baghdad, a man and a woman, who worked in important positions in the US embassy building in the Green Zone, may God collapse it, and a large quantity of money was obtained from them, on Monday the 12th of First Jamadi 1428 (in the Islamic calendar), corresponding to May 28, 2007, with gratitude for God’s bounty.

The statement gave no further details about the matter.

Two Iraqi staff of the US embassy have been missing for days. US forces and the US embassy have not commented on the identity of the two, other than to confirm that the two were missing and “apparently kidnapped.”

The two missing Iraqi nationals are apparently a married couple, according to an earlier Reuters report, which cites unnamed US officials, who said that the husband had gone missing first, and then his wife appeared to have been abducted after she went to search for him.


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