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US Ammo Gift: 496 Bullets for Each ISF Member
Running the Numbers: 172,000,000 Gifted Bullets; 346,500 Iraqi Soldiers, Police
06/14/2007 6:47 PM ET
US ammo purchase for TotalAverage for each ISF member
Iraqi security forces (ISF)(346,500 combined)
AK-47 bullets92,000,000266.51
Glock pistol bullets40,000,000115.44
PKM machine gun bullets40,000,000115.44
Total bullets172,000,000496.39

Following up on our report today on the U.S. Army buying 172 million bullets to give to the Iraqi security forces, we whipped out our calculator to determine how many of those bullets on average would go to each and every member of the Iraqi police and Iraqi army.

Here are those stats.


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