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Iraq Security Developments - Tuesday
Tribal Sheikh, Baghdad University Professor Killed; Clashes Erupt in Diwaniya
By ZEYAD KASIM 06/26/2007 9:36 PM ET
BAQUBA, IRAQ: Iraqi hospital workers inspect bodies for victims of violence at a hospital in the restive city of Baquba, northeast of Baghdad, 26 June 2007.
STR/AFP/Getty Images
BAQUBA, IRAQ: Iraqi hospital workers inspect bodies for victims of violence at a hospital in the restive city of Baquba, northeast of Baghdad, 26 June 2007.

Security developments in Iraq on Tuesday, June 26, 2007:

Map by Zeyad Kasim
BAGHDAD – Police found 21 unidentified bodies shot execution style in different parts of Baghdad on Tuesday, an Interior Ministry source said. Most of the bodies were found in the Karkh sector in western Baghdad (six in Amil, two in Khadhraa’, two in Bayya’, two in Mansour, two in Saidiya, one in Dora, one in Shu’la, one in Salihiya, and one in Ghazaliya), and three were found in the Rusafa sector in eastern Baghdad (one in Palestine Street, one in Qahira, and one in Za’faraniya).

BAGHDAD – Unknown gunmen assassinated Dr. Nihad Mohammed Al-Rawi, the deputy chancellor of Baghdad University and adjunct professor at the Civil Engineering College, near his house in southern Baghdad on Tuesday afternoon, police said.

BAGHDAD – Gunmen killed Sheikh Ali Hamid Abd Sarhan Al-Shujairi, a tribal leader of the Shujairat tribe in the Wasit governorate, and a person accompanying him while he was driving his vehicle in the Saidiya district of southern Baghdad on Tuesday, police said.

BAGHDAD – One policeman was killed and three wounded during clashes with insurgents in the suburb of Mada’in, south east of Baghdad, police said.

BAGHDAD - Three civilians were wounded in a roadside bomb explosion in the Baladiyat district of eastern Baghdad on Tuesday afternoon, police said.

BAGHDAD – Four civilians were poisoned in a chlorine gas leak from the Husseiniya water plant north east of Baghdad on Tuesday morning.

BAGHDAD – A woman was wounded in a mortar attack against the Turath district in southern Baghdad, police said. Four civilians were wounded in another mortar attack against the nearby Saidiya district.

BAGHDAD - A U.S. soldier was killed and three wounded in a roadside bomb attack against their patrol in eastern Baghdad on Monday, the U.S. military said.

BAGHDAD - The U.S. military killed two insurgents and detained two others during raids targeting Al-Qaeda in Iraq and their bombing network in the cities of Baghdad, Mosul, and Baiji, the U.S. military said.

LATIFIYA – Two soldiers were killed in a roadside bomb attack targeting an Iraqi army patrol in Latifiya (40 km south of Baghdad), police said.

DIWANIYA – Five people were killed and 14 others wounded, including three policemen, during clashes between U.S. troops and unknown militants in Diwaniya on Tuesday morning, a medical source said. An undetermined number of people were killed and wounded in a roadside bomb explosion targeting a U.S. patrol on the Diwaniya-Dagharra main road east of the city, while several high school students taking their final exams were wounded as a result of the clashes and U.S. bombing, the medical source added.

DIWANIYA – Iraqi security forces detained Emad Al-Khuza’i, a reporter for the Al-Baghdadiya satellite channel, while he was on assignment in Diwaniya in southern Iraq, the Journalistic Freedoms Observatory said. Al-Khuza’i was reportedly beaten by security forces and his equipment confiscated.

SAMAWA – A Sadrist official said he escaped an assassination attempt with a roadside bomb planted near the Martyr Sadr Bureau in downtown Samawa on Tuesday. Head of the Sadr Burea in Samawa, Ali Al-Kharsan, said his bodyguards captured a suspicious person planting a bomb near his convoy, and that he admitted to working on the behalf of “security officials” in the Muthanna governorate.

AMARA – Two university professors were killed and two others wounded in a traffic accident near Amara in southern Iraq on Tuesday, a Maysan University media source said. Maysan University Chancellor Jaleel Mughtadh and Education College Dean Dr. Hussein Jabr Al-Maliki died in the accident at Al-Fajr (110 km west of Amara), while Dr. Ahmed Aboud, deputy chancellor of Maysan University, and the Sports Education College Dean Dr. Majid Chasib, suffered from serious wounds. The four professors were returning from a conference in Najaf on Monday, the source added.

SUQ AL-SHIYOUKH – Iraqi special forces detonated a building used by the Mahdi Army and detained several suspects during a raid in the town of Suq Al-Shiyoukh (30 km south east of Nasiriya) on Tuesday, eyewitnesses said. Several houses were damaged and residents wounded in the incident. The town had witnessed clashes between the Mahdi Army and Iraqi security forces dominated by SIIC last week.

BASRAH – Gunmen killed Sheikh Hussein Al-Najjar, the imam of the Al-Arab mosque in central Basrah, after he left the mosque upon ending midday prayers, eyewitnesses said.

BASRAH – Police freed an abducted doctor and a police commissioner from their kidnappers in western Basrah on Tuesday, police said. Gunmen in a modern vehicle abducted Dr. Qassim Abdul Hussein Shamkhi Al-Sa’idi, a surgeon at the Sadr Hospital, near his residence in the Jam’iat district, but they were chased by a police patrol, which managed to free the doctor, the source said. Another gang abducted a police commissioner working at the Faraheedi police department in downtown Basrah on Tuesday, but police managed to track them down and release the commissioner. Police patrols in the Qibla district also arrested three members of a criminal gang on Monday night, the source said.

MOSUL - Gunmen killed a college student in Mosul, police said.

MOSUL – Two Christian taxi drivers from the towns of Alqosh and Batnaya east of Mosul were released after paying ransom to their kidnappers, who said they were members of the Islamic State of Iraq militant group, in addition to a BMW vehicle on Sunday.

KIRKUK – An Iraqi soldier was killed in a roadside bomb attack against a patrol of the Oil Facilities Protection force near the Safra village at Riyadh (60 km south west of Kirkuk) on Tuesday morning, police said. Another roadside bomb exploded near the house of a police officer in the Qadisiya district at Riyadh without casualties.

QARA TAPPA – Three policemen and a civilian were wounded when militants attacked a police station and a checkpoint in Qara Tappa north east of Baghdad on Monday night, police said.

JALAWLA – Gunmen kidnapped police captain Idris Kamil Hussein and a civilian near Jalalwa north east of Baghdad, police said.

TUZ KHURMATU – Gunmen killed a civilian and abducted several others near Tuz north east of Baghdad, police said.


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