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Olympian Editorial Calls to Bring Troops Home
Staff: National Holiday Feels Like a Day of Shame
07/05/2007 3:44 PM ET

"On a day when Americans are supposed to wave the flag with honor and respect, many Americans are disheartened and embarrassed. They are fed up with an arrogant president and an ineffective Congress and their inability to extract this nation from the ill-conceived war that has alienated U.S. allies and unnecessarily sullied the reputation of this great nation," the staff of The Olympian wrote in an editorial published Wednesday. "This year, our day of national pride feels more like a day of national shame."

On a holiday usually devoted to lauding American greatness, the local newspaper serving the communities around Ft. Lewis and McCord Air Force Base in Washington State published a damning indictment of the war and an appeal to bring soldiers home from the battlefield before one more life is lost.

“The Fourth of July is a time when Americans celebrate the values that have made us a great nation," editor and publisher John Winn Miller told E&P. "So it seemed like an appropriate time to editorialize on what has become a national disgrace."

"It is a particularly important and local issue for us because we are a military community with Ft. Lewis and McCord Air Force Base in our area. We seen too many of them killed, so many that Ft. Lewis considered stopping individual memorials. Our men and women have done their duty with honor. It is time to honor their sacrifices by ending this ill-conceived mission."

The editorial argues that, "It was a lie to say we invaded Iraq to protect the United States from terrorists just as it is a lie to say leaving will aid the terrorists. Let them wallow alone in the middle of this bitter, multi-front civil and sectarian war. It isn’t worth a single more American life."


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