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Majority Would Support Cheney Impeachment
New Poll Shows 45% Would Also Oust President Bush
07/06/2007 2:22 PM ET
Roger L. Wollenberg-Pool/Getty Images

A majority of Americans--54%--would support impeachment proceeding against Vice President Dick Cheney, and 45% would favor the same for the president, according to a new poll released this week by the American Research Group.

A close examination of the numbers shows how much party identification affects opinion, with 69% of Dems and 50% of self-identified Independents favoring impeachment, compared with only 13% of Republicans. Overall, 46% of those polled would oppose impeaching the president, and 40% the vice president.

When the ARG polled on the same question about President Bush back in March, 42% favored impeachment and 49% opposed the idea. The shift could indicate a problematic decline in support for the president, but with a 3% margin of error, it's not statistically significant enough to make any clear determination.

By comparison, at the height of the Lewinsky scandal, just after Bill Clinton made his televised mea culpa to the nation and the House Judiciary Committee was deliberating the case, an October 4 CBS opinion poll found only 38% of Americans favored a course that would begin impeachment proceedings against the president.

Conducted by the American Research Group, the study interviewed 1,000 Americans by phone among a random sample of adults nationwide July 3-5, 2007.


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