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Henderson: The Iraqi Govt Should Ante Up
Let the Iraqis Pay for the US Military Presence in Their Country
By JACK HENDERSON 07/14/2007 10:10 PM ET
According to the Congressional Research Service, one US soldier costs $390,000 per year.

If the proposal for the limited mission of a continuing US military presence in Iraq involved 50,000 troops, the annual cost of the new mission would be $19.5 billion.

If the strategy for the Gulf War were to be applied to the new US military mission in Iraq – the beneficiaries of the operations should share in the cost – the SOFA for the new mission would include the obligation of the Iraq Government on behalf of the people of Iraq being liberated to reimburse the US Government in the amount of $19.5 billion.

There are sufficient funds held by the Central Bank and invested in US Treasury Securities.

A fund of less than $1 billion is required to be held by the Central Bank to support the maintenance of the pegged exchange rate, and that amount would be left after the withdrawal or could be accumulated within a few months.

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