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Sunnis Kidnapped from Mosque Found Dead
Mosque's Sheikh, His Son, and a Deputy Tortured, Slain
12/25/2006 10:51 PM ET
The bodies of three Sunnis kidnapped from a Baghdad mosque Friday were found today (Monday), sources tell IraqSlogger.

Friday, Shia militiamen belonging to the Mahdi Army raided the Abdullah Bin Omier mosque in the Binook area near the Sadrist stronghold of Al-Sha'ab in eastern Baghdad. The raid occurred during the important noon prayer, when a large congregation gathers to hear a sermon. The mosque's sheikh, the muadhin who calls to prayer, and a third man who opened fire on the Mahdi Army men were all kidnapped. Their corpses were found today, showing signs of torture, and it was revealed that the third man who opened fire during the raid was actually the sheikh's son.


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