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Poll Results Readers Looking for Withdrawal
Online Poll Indicates Shift in Support for Continuing US Presence in Iraq
07/18/2007 11:01 AM ET
An online poll of readers has revealed that 60% of respondents believe the US should withdraw troops from Iraq now or by the end of 2008, with 17% saying the pullout should begin in 2008, and 42% agreeing that "we're wasting lives and resources" and should leave immediately. Forty-one percent supports an American military presence "until the insurgency is totally defeated."

Though not a scientific poll, the results of the survey are surprising due to the readership of Christian Lowe writes that the new poll sharply contrasts a June 26 poll in which 60% of respondents said Congress should give the surge more time, and earlier polls that rejected Congress's debate about setting a timeline for withdrawal.


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