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Iraq Security Developments - Thursday
Sunni Mosque Blown Up in Western Baghdad;Three British Soldiers Killed in Basrah
By ZEYAD KASIM 07/20/2007 05:18 AM ET
Basra, IRAQ: Iraqis torch the national flags of the United States, Israel, and Britain during a parade in the southern city of Basra, 19 July 2007.
Basra, IRAQ: Iraqis torch the national flags of the United States, Israel, and Britain during a parade in the southern city of Basra, 19 July 2007.

Security developments in Iraq on Thursday, July 19, 2007:

Iraqis reported killed: 54. Iraqis reported wounded: 13.

U.S. soldiers reported killed: 1.

British soldiers reported killed: 3.

Map by Zeyad Kasim

BAGHADAD – Seventeen unidentified bodies shot execution style were found dumped in various parts of the capital on Thursday, police said. Fifteen bodies were found in west Baghdad’s Karkh sector (three in Amil, two in Bayya’, two in Jihad, two in Saidiya, two in Mahmoudiya, two in Hurriya, one in Mansour and one in Washash) and two were found in east Baghdad’s Rusafa sector (one in Sadr City and one in Ur).

BAGHDAD – An Iraqi police officer was killed and three of his family members wounded when a bomb planted in his vehicle exploded as they were driving in west Baghdad’s Mansour district on Thursday, police said.

BAGHDAD – Gunmen blew up a Sunni mosque in the Attiba’ area of the Jihad district, southwestern Baghdad, on dawn Thursday, police and eyewitnesses said. The gunmen planted explosives inside the Mohammed Rasoul Allah mosque and blew it up, the source said. Locals alleged that Interior Ministry commandos in the area were complicit in the attack. General Abdul Karim Khalaf, commander of operations in the Interior Ministry, had said on Wednesday that he ordered commandos to deploy to the Jihad district. The Jihad district, a predominately Sunni area but with large Shi’ite neighborhoods to the south and the west, has witnessed escalating sectarian violence between Sunni and Shi’ite militants over the last few weeks.

BAGHDAD – Police found and defused a car bomb parked outside the Iranian embassy near the Green Zone in central Baghdad on Thursday, police said, according to WNA. A car bomb had exploded in the same area on Tuesday, killing four people and wounding two.

BAGHDAD – Militiamen abducted a woman near a fuel station in the Amil district of southern Baghdad on Thursday, an Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq statement said.

BAGHDAD - One U.S. soldier was killed by a roadside bomb on Thursday targeting his vehicle patrol in eastern Baghdad, the military said.

BAGHDAD – A roadside bomb explosion targeting a U.S. military patrol destroyed a Humvee vehicle in the Bayya’ district of southern Baghdad on Thursday, police said. The U.S. military did not comment on the attack.

BAGHDAD – Colonel Mohammed Nasir Jawhar, a senior Iraqi Army officer, escaped an assassination attempt with minor wounds when gunmen attacked him in the Qadisiya district of western Baghdad on Thursday, an Interior Ministry source said, according to VOI.

BAGHDAD - U.S. troops detained a man suspected of links with Iran in a raid on Thursday near Baquba, north of Baghdad, the military said. He is suspected of helping smuggle projectile roadside bombs into Iraq from Iran.

MOSUL – Four civilians were wounded when gunmen attacked a police patrol with a hand grenade in the Sarchakhana area of Mosul on Thursday, according to Nirgal Gate.

HAWIJA – Gunmen killed an Iraqi Army officer near his home in the Agudiya village near Hawija (65 km south west of Kirkuk) on Thursday morning, police said.

HAWIJA – Three civilians were wounded when a roadside bomb exploded near an ambulance at the Madhhuriya village near Hawija on Thursday, police said.

DHILU’IYA – Gunmen assassinated a former Iraqi intelligence officer and a school headmaster and wounded two other people in a drive-by shooting in Dhilu’iya on Thursday evening, police said, according to VOI. Colonel Faris Khalaf Faris, a former senior intelligence officer, and another person with him, identified as a headmaster of a local school, were driving east of the town when the gunmen shot them, the source said.

KHALIS – Five people were killed and four kidnapped when gunmen attacked the village of Jidaydat Al-Shatt west of Khalis from surrounding villages, eyewitnesses told Sot Al-Iraq.

KHALIS – Five people were killed when gunmen attacked the village of Mansuriyat Al-Shatt west of Khalis on Wednesday night, a medical source told Sot Al-Iraq.

MUQDADIYA – Eyewitnesses said Al-Qaeda-led Islamic State of Iraq militants paraded the streets of Muqdadiya (100 km northeast of Baghdad) on Thursday. Over 250 gunmen rode their vehicles in a military parade in several districts of the town, carrying slogans and banners pledging allegiance to Al-Qaeda in Iraq and its umbrella group the Islamic State of Iraq, the sources said, according to VOI.

MUQDADIYA – Gunmen kidnapped 13 policemen when they attacked their patrol in the Askari district of Muqdadiya on Thursday, according to WNA.

ABU SAIDA – Joint U.S.-Iraqi troops killed 15 suspected militants during clashes in a palm orchard where they were hiding in the Abu Saida area northeast of Baghdad on Thursday, police said, according to VOI.

HAQLANIYA – Militants blew up two strategic bridges on a highway south of Haqlaniya near Haditha (170 km west of Ramadi) on Thursday morning, eyewitnesses said, according to VOI. The two bridges connect the city of Haditha to surrounding areas in the western Anbar governorate.

ISKANDARIYA – Police found the bodies of Iskandariya police chief Lieutenant Colonel Salan Shannoun and seven other policemen who were abducted during clashes on Wednesday in the Muwailihiya area of Iskandariya, police said.

NAJAF – Police raided several rural areas around Najaf on Thursday to capture armed members of a Shi’ite heterodox group calling itself Al-Mawla or Al-Mawlawiya, Najaf governorate spokesman Ahmed Di’aibil said, according to Radio Sawa. Several millenarian Shi’ite groups have claimed that Iraqi security forces, dominated by SIIC, have waged random military campaigns to shut them down, acting on orders by Iranian clerics in Najaf and Iran. The most notable and controversial of these incidents was when hundreds of members of a cult called the Jund Al-Samaa’ were killed with their families in U.S. air strikes in Kufa last January, at the behest of SIIC commanders in local Iraqi security forces, who claimed they were Al-Qaeda militants preparing to attack Najaf.

BASRAH - Three British servicemen were killed and an unspecified number wounded on Thursday by a mortar attack that struck their base in the Basrah International Airport west of Basrah (590 km south of Baghdad), the British military said today. The deaths brought to 162 the number of British military personnel killed in Iraq since the U.S.-led invasion in March 2003.

BASRAH – A roadside bomb exploded near a house in the Baradhi’iya district of west Basrah without casualties on Thursday, police said.

BASRAH – A mortar round fell in an open field outside the Sadr Teaching Hospital in west Basrah’s Baradhi’iya’s district on Thursday without casualties, police said.

BASRAH – Police said they arrested three armed bandits on the highway west of Basrah on Thursday, according to VOI.


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