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Iraq Security Developments - Wednesday
14 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Helicopter Crash; Iran Resumes Shelling Kurdish Areas
By ZEYAD KASIM 08/23/2007 02:04 AM ET
An Iraqi policeman stands on a truck used to carry victims of a suicide bomb explosion in Baiji, north of Baghdad, 22 August 2007. A suicide bomber killed at least 20 people and wounded 80 when he slammed his explosives-laden truck into a police station i
DIA HAMID/AFP/Getty Images
An Iraqi policeman stands on a truck used to carry victims of a suicide bomb explosion in Baiji, north of Baghdad, 22 August 2007. A suicide bomber killed at least 20 people and wounded 80 when he slammed his explosives-laden truck into a police station i

Security developments in Iraq on Wednesday, August 22, 2007:

Iraqis reported killed: 76. Iraqis reported wounded: 120.

U.S. troops reported killed: 15. U.S. troops reported wounded: 3.

Map by Zeyad Kasim
BAGHDAD – Police found the bodies of 15 unidentified shot execution-style in different parts of Baghdad on Wednesday, police said. Twelve bodies were found in the Karkh sector of western Baghdad (three in Amil, two in Bayya’, two in Saidiya, two in I’lam, two in Dora, and one in Kadhimiya) and three in the Rusafa sector of eastern Baghdad (one in Baghdad Al-Jedida, one in Bab Al-Mu’adham, and one in Sulaikh).

BAGHDAD - Interior Ministry spokesman Abdul Karim Khalaf said 56 suspected Al-Qaeda militants were killed during a military operation in the predominately Sunni Fadhl district of central Baghdad on Tuesday evening. Residents in the area said four people were killed and many wounded during intermittent fighting between Al-Qaeda fighters and rival insurgent groups on Monday and Tuesday, according to Reuters and VOI, but the casualty count could not be confirmed independently.

BAGHDAD - Iraqi soldiers killed five suspected insurgents and detained 87 others across Iraq during the past 24 hours, the Defence Ministry said.

BAGHDAD - A car bomb killed one person and wounded five in the Washash district of western Baghdad, police said, according to Reuters.

BAGHDAD – Gunmen shot and wounded a driver employed by the state-run Al-Sabah newspaper while he was in the predominately Shi’ite Ur district of northeastern Baghdad on Wednesday evening, a source from the newspaper told VOI.

BAGHDAD - Two civilians were wounded when a mortar shell hit their house in the Baladiyyat district of eastern Baghdad on Wednesday, according to McClatchy newspapers.

BAGHDAD – Two children were wounded in a roadside bomb explosion in the Jurf Al-Naddaf area east of Baghdad on Tuesday night.

BAGHDAD – A female reporter working for the Kurdish PUK Media Agency said she was kidnapped, blindfolded and tortured for four hours by gunmen in the I’lam district of southern Baghdad before she was released, according to VOI. The reporter, who refused to give her name, said the gunmen mistook her for an interpreter working for U.S. troops.

BAGHDAD – A U.S. soldier was killed and three wounded during combat operations west of Baghdad on Wednesday, the U.S. military said.

BAGHDAD - A roadside bomb detonated near a U.S. military patrol in the Army Canal highway of eastern Baghdad on Wednesday. There were no reports of casualties.

BAIJI - At least 20 people were killed and 50 wounded when a suicide bomber blew up a fuel tanker outside the Baiji police station (180 km north of Baghdad) on Wednesday, the Interior Ministry said.

SAMARRA - Fourteen U.S. soldiers were killed when their helicopter crashed in the Hawi area north of Samarra, the U.S. military said. It said initial indications suggested the Black Hawk helicopter had suffered mechanical failure, but eyewitnesses in the area said insurgents opened heavy machine gun fire on the helicopter, which was flying at a low altitude.

TIKRIT - A roadside bomb targeting a police patrol killed two policemen and wounded eight in Tikrit (175 km north of Baghdad), police said, according to Reuters.

TIKRIT – Gunmen assassinated Colonel Uthman Chaichan, police operations commander in the Salah Al-Din governorate, near his home in the Qadisiya district of Tikrit, police said, according to WNA.

HAWIJA - A car bomb exploded near the convoy of the head of Hawija municipal council, Hussein Ali Salih, known locally as Abu Saddam, wounding two of his guards, in Hawija (70 km southwest of Kirkuk) on Wednesday, police said. Salih had escaped an earlier assassination attempt in early July when gunmen attacked him in Hawija. Two municipal council members were also wounded yesterday in a drive-by shooting in Hawija.

RIYADH – Gunmen assassinated the mayor of the Kharba village in a drive-by shooting outside his house near the town of Riyadh (65 km south west of Kirkuk) on Wednesday, police said, according to VOI.

KIRKUK - A policeman was wounded in a roadside bomb attack against his patrol in Kirkuk on Wednesday, police said.

KIRKUK – Police raided the building of the Kirkuk Cultural Center and detained its deputy director, Dr. Abdul Kareem Khalif Al-Mohammedawi, and 16 employees and guards in the Wasiti district of Kirkuk on Wednesday, according to VOI. A Kirkuk police source told PUK Media that several Katyusha rockets were found in the building.

TUZ KHURMATO - Two suspected insurgents were killed when a roadside bomb they were trying to implant exploded in the town of Tuz Khurmato (180 km north of Baghdad), police said, according to Reuters.

TUZ KHURMATO – The Tuz Khurmato police commander escaped an assassination attempt when a roadside bomb detonated near his convoy south west of Tuz Khurmato on Wednesday afternoon, killing a policeman and wounding three others, including a police lieutenant, according to VOI.

MUQDADIYA – A suicide bomber blew up his explosive vest at a crowded market in the town of Muqdadiya on Wednesday evening, killing 16 people and wounding 30, according to VOI.

MUQDADIYA – Gunmen killed a civilian and wounded two women in the Mu’alimeen district of Muqdadiya on Wednesday, a medical source said.

BAQUBA – Eyewitnesses said gunmen belonging to the 1920 Revolution Brigades recruited by U.S. troops to fight Al-Qaeda kidnapped an old man and three women who were returning to the Ambakiya village from Karbala after reports that it was cleared from militants, according to PUK Media.

BALADRUZ – Gunmen killed a policeman and wounded another in Baladruz on Wednesday, according to PUK Media.

KAN’AN – Gunmen killed a police commissioner in Kan’an east of Ba’quba on Wednesday, police said, according to PUK Media.

FAIDA - Four Kurdish Peshmerga fighters were wounded in a roadside bomb attack near Faida, north of Mosul, on Tuesday, according to McClatchy newspapers.

QALAT DIZA – The mayor of Qalat Diza said the Iranian military resumed the shelling of Kurdish border villages near Qalat Diza on Wednesday. Residents had said Tuesday that Iranian helicopters dropped leaflets signed by the Islamic Republic of Iran warning villagers to evacuate the area ahead of an Iranian military offensive directed at Kurdish separatist PJAK guerillas, a breakaway faction from the PKK. The Iranian government denied knowledge of the leaflets, according to Reuters.

SAQLAWIYA – Police said they detained two militants suspected to be members of the Al-Qaeda-led Islamic State of Iraq insurgent group in the town of Saqlawiya 15 km north west of Fallujah on Wednesday, according to VOI.

LATIFIYA – Gunmen wounded two Iraqi soldiers in a drive-by shooting in Latifiya south of Baghdad on Wednesday, the Iraqi Army said, according to WNA.

ISKANDARIYA - Gunmen killed two people in a drive-by shooting in the town of Iskandariya (40 km south of Baghda) on Wednesday, police said, according to WNA. Another civilian was shot and killed on Tuesday night.

ISKANDARIYA – A woman was killed and four people wounded by a mortar attack at the Anwar district and Khudhur Street in Iskandariya on Wednesday, police said, according to WNA. HASWA – Gunmen killed a civilian in a drive-by shooting in the town of Haswa south of Baghdad on Tuesday night, police said, according to WNA.

HILLA – Two people were wounded in a mortar attack at the Nadir district in Hilla on Tuesday night, police said, according to WNA.

KUFA – Two masked men stabbed a female professor to death in front of her house in the Ghiri district of Kufa, north east of Najaf, police said, according to Reuters and VOI. The victim, Shahlaa’ Al-Nasrawi, married and a mother of two, was a professor at the Law College of Kufa University and has no known political affiliation.

NAJAF – Police detained a person planting a roadside bomb on the main Najaf-Karbala road north of Najaf on Wednesday, police said, according to WNA.

NU’MANIYA – Police discovered and defused three roadside bombs planted on a road north east of Kut near the town of Nu’maniya (50 km north east of Kut) on Wednesday, according to VOI. Nu’maniya is considered a relatively safe area of the Wasit governorate and is inhabited by Shia and Sunni tribes.

KUT – Gunmen broke into the office of Dr. Dhiaa’ Al-Din Jaleel Salim, the head of the Wasit Health Directorate, on Wednesday afternoon and took him to an unknown destination before he was released four hours later, a media source in the Wasit governorate told VOI. Dr. Salim is a member of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council, led by Abdul Aziz Al-Hakim, and was appointed as Wasit health director last February by the governorate council. There have also been many accusations of corruption and nepotism directed at Dr. Salim in the governorate.

KUT – Gunmen killed a policeman working in the criminal investigations unit in the Wahda district of Kut on Tuesday night, police said, according to VOI. Police also found the body of a cargo truck driver shot execution-style inside his truck at a vegetable market south east of Kut.

BIDAIR – A joint U.S.-Iraqi force raided the town of Bidair (50 km east of Diwaniya) on dawn Wednesday and detained two wanted Mahdi Army militants, a security source in Diwaniya told VOI. The source added that a U.S.-Iraqi force also raided the Diwaniya textiles factory and detained another suspect.

BASRAH – The British military base in the Basrah International Airport was hit by several Katyusha rockets on Wednesday morning with no reports of casualties, a source at the airport told WNA.

BASRAH – Police found an unidentified body shot execution-style in the Qibla district of Basrah on Wednesday, police said, according to WNA.


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