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CNN Baghdad's Ware: Iraqi Govt Non-Existent
Reporter: Anyone Who Believes Otherwise is "Delusional or Trying to Spin a Line"
08/24/2007 10:37 PM ET
CNN's senior Baghdad correspondent says the Bush administration would signal "American defeat" if the Pentagon carried out Republican Senator John Warner's plan for a minuscule US troop withdrawal from Iraq by Christmas.

From CNN
Some choice, withering quotes from the 5pm et report today by CNN Senior Baghdad Correspondent Michael Ware, who spoke with CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer (key excerpts below):
BLITZER: Joining us now from Baghdad, our correspondent, Michael Ware -- Michael, at least from this vantage point, it looks like this Iraqi government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki slowly but surely is falling apart. Some Shia coalition partners are leaving. Sunni partners are leaving.

Big picture -- what's going on?

WARE: Well, Wolf, I mean, really, there's never been an Iraqi government. I mean it's only ever been a so-called entity. It's been an apparition from the beginning, a loose coalition of militias, most of them, according to Western intelligence, backed by Iran, jammed together.... So, really, there has never been a functioning government here.

Wolf, there is no government here and anyone who says there is either delusional or trying to spin a line. There's nothing here for America to work with.

BLITZER: Yesterday John Warner, the Republican Senator from Virginia, the ranking member of the Armed Services Committee, said the U.S. has to send a powerful signal to the Iraqi government and announce its starting to withdraw troops, get some of them home by Christmas, maybe only 5,000.

But on a practical level -- and you've been there four years plus now, Michael -- what happens when U.S. forces move out of an area and say to the Iraqis, you guys take over, you're in charge now?

Practically speaking, what happens?

WARE: Well, that sends a strong signal to the militia factions who own this country in whichever region we're particularly talking about where U.S. forces withdraw that it's game on -- power is yours. I mean that's what's holding this country together are militias. I mean comparisons to Lebanon in the '80s are not that far off base. So, I'm sorry, but with all respect to Senator Warner, he is absolutely kidding himself if, A, withdrawing 5,000 troops is going to send any kind of a message or, B, that American withdrawal without serious penalty -- the strongest message withdrawal like that sends is American defeat.


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