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Iran Factor
Iran Cranks Up Smart Bomb Assembly Line
Iranian Defense Minister Opens Production Line, Denounces US and Sanctions
08/26/2007 10:15 AM ET
Here's the report today from the Iranian official Fars news agency:
TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad Najjar here on Sunday inaugurated production lines for manufacturing 2000-pound guided bombs and small caliber arsenals, which have both been developed by the country's experts. Speaking to reporters, the General underlined that both lines of production have been established by Iranian experts, and described the move as a crushing response to the sanctions imposed on Iran by the world arrogance, specially the US.

"Qased is an air-to-surface, long-range, guided bomb which has been designed through utilizing the most advanced technologies," he said, adding that once Qased is deployed, the Iranian fighter jets can destroy enemy targets by this high-precision bomb without coming into the range of enemy fire.

Reiterating the home-grown nature of the bomb, he said Qased was designed in accordance with the needs of the Iranian air force to strategic arsenals and bombs.

Meantime, Najjar reminded that even the needed machineries for the production of the 2000-pound bomb have been designed and manufactured by Iranian experts.

The Iranian defense minister further said that production of such new and strategic bombs, missiles and weapons by Iran aims to deter enemies from invading the country, reiterating that Iran's military productions are a means of deterrence and not threat.

"These equipment and instruments are meant to reinvigorate sustainable peace, stability and security in the region," he stressed, adding, "The production line of the small caliber arsenals with high penetration power was actually inaugurated in line with the country's defense doctrine which underlines deterrence and all-out defense."

He also reiterated the home-grown nature of the second production line, and said that even the needed machineries for the manufacture of small caliber arsenals have been designed and manufactured by Iranian experts, and continued, "75% of the machineries have been manufactured by the Defense Ministry forces and 25% by the private sector."

Najjar reminded that the machineries of the said two production lines could not be imported from other countries due to the West's sanctions on the Islamic Republic, adding, "And this is a teeth-breaking response to the sanctions of the world arrogance.... Sanctions made our experts decisive to end Iran's dependence and promote the country's military potentials."


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