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Diplomats Vie for Paris Post Via Baghdad
State Department Offers New Incentive to Attract Officers to Work in Iraq
08/29/2007 6:41 PM ET
Joel Saget/AFP/Getty

US diplomats are being given a chance to lock-in a prime tour of duty in Paris, Rome, or other favored cities, but only if they volunteer for a one-year hardship posting in one of Iraq's more remote US diplomatic outposts.

The State Department issued a cable last month offering the new incentive in attempt to bolster the number of foreign officers willing to sign up for a tour in Iraq. According to Bloomberg, only the 75 diplomats serving in provincial reconstruction teams in regional cities such as Mosul, Tikrit and Baquba are eligible for the guarantee of a subsequent posting, but the lucky ones can lock in their preference before applicants in other countries can apply for the jobs.

Even with the new incentives, analysts report the diplomatic requirements in Iraq will continue to strain the US foreign service.


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